I'm not going to start telling the story of my sensitive skin again, but if you're a regular reader here at That's Peachy, then you'll know I suffer with sensitive eyes, so when this Vichy eye makeup remover landed on my doorstep with the words 'for sensitive eyes' on the front of the bottle, this found itself straight on my bathroom shelf ready to be tried and tested that night.
I'm a fan of Vichy, a French skincare brand who always seem to impress me with any product I try, so I had high hopes for this one from the get-go. 

When it comes to eye makeup, I'm not too big on the liners and the shadows, but I do like my brow products, and I have been known to layer my mascara, which sometimes it can be the worst of the lot to remove. Obviously the eye area is the most delicate and sensitive, so when it comes to taking off the makeup, you want something gentle that doesn't need any scrubbing.

Purete Thermale is a bi-phase waterproof eye makeup remover that protects eyelashes, you know that thing when you look at the cotton wool pad and it's collected a few lashes?, well you'll have none of that with this! The layers you can see in the bottle are part Vichy Thermal Spa Water and part oil, which work together to melt away the makeup and refresh the eyes. I simply use a few drops on a cotton pad, hold it onto my eye for around 20 seconds before sweeping away with all of my makeup and it really does work. It leaves my eye area slightly oily, but in a good, moisturising way and this soon sinks into the skin. There's no rubbing, pulling or scrubbing required, and so far I've found that it will wipe away any of my eye makeup products.

I've heard a lot of people comparing this to the Clarins bi-phase makeup remover (which I can't really comment on, as I haven't tried it) but if you're going to choose between the two, I'd say this does everything you need it to do, and it is by far the cheaper option.
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