It's been a whole week since Christmas, where does the time go?! I was planning on filming a video to show you what I got for Christmas, as they're one of my favourite videos to watch, but this year I just haven't had the time... I was back to work at 7am on Boxing day and I've been a bit poorly too, so sitting down and filming hasn't been at the top of my to-do list. Although if you would still like me to film and show you my presents in more detail, and include the bits I haven't photographed, I will do... just let me know in the comments.

I know everyone feels like they have to write a disclaimer at the start of one of these posts, but really, this is just a haul of the presents I was lucky enough to receive this year. I am very grateful and thankful, and this year in particular, I feel like I was very spoiled!

Firstly, a few presents from my Mam; 
'Everything Needed To Look Fabulous' makeup bag - I pointed these out to her in our local chemist one day, and it turns out she had already bought me one! I've been using the same Topshop makeup bag for years now, so an upgrade was definitely due and this is a great size for fitting in all of my essentials and brushes.
Beauticology gift set - This contains Vanilla Frosting body lotion, Strawberry Frosting foot soak crystals and some cosy socks. I'm a sucker for anything sweet smelling, and always happy to receive socks at Christmas!
Ted Baker compact mirror - I was really happy to receive this, it was such an unexpected gift. I love Ted Baker prints, and the Regency Houses pastel print has been one of my favourites to date. I don't actually have a compact mirror either (I usually just use the front facing camera on my phone!), so this will be a welcome addition to my handbag.
Fitzpatrick's Apple Pomtini - This was a bit of a joke present, as I was moaning to my Mam that its been ages since I've had a good drink. I haven't tasted this yet, but it sounds delicious, and I just love the bottle! I'll definitely be keeping it on my dressing table once it's all gone!
Shh... by Jade Goody gift set - This is one of my favourite perfumes ever, not only does it smell amazing but I love the packaging too! I was such a fan of Jade, and I'm so glad they have continued to make this even though she is no longer with us. The gift set came with body lotion and shower gel, which I have never used before... I'm so excited to smell like Shh... all the time!
My Gran did good this year and bought me a set of mini Versace perfumes, which come in the prettiest and cutest bottles I have ever seen. I'm a big fan of Crystal Noir, but I haven't tried the other three before. I can't wait to give them all a go!

After visiting the cinema with my boyfriend to see Gone Girl in November, I was so happy to find that he had bought me the book. I'm a firm believer that the books are always better than the films, and the film was fantastic, so I can't wait to get stuck into this. It's going to kick start my year of reading more too!

Robbie also bought me the latest Boyzone album... they're my favourite band ever so this is going straight into my car so I can have a good singalong on the way to work and back!
Probably the biggest surprise for me was receiving the Nails Inc Victoria Beckham nail varnish box set... I had no idea anyone knew I wanted this and was so happy when I opened it! I love Victoria... if you've watched my British Tag video, you'll have heard me gushing about how great I think she is, so when she collaborated with my favourite nail varnish brand I just had to get in on the action. The colours are completely different to one another, but both so gorgeous. I'll be blogging a full review of these in the very near future.
Robbie also bought me the Illamasqua Multi Facet Palette, I think he caught me lusting after this a fair few times, and I'm so pleased he bought it for me. He knows how much I love Illamasqua - I'd probably go as far as saying they are my favourite beauty brand and once this is all photographed ready to blog about, I can't wait to give everything a try. 

The final beauty product I received was the Urban Decay Flushed Palette in 'Streak' from my Dad. I'm not going to lie, I chose this myself and took him to buy it, but he would have probably ended up buying me something completely opposite if I hadn't, and I've been wanting this for so long, it's just stunning!

I was also lucky enough to receive a ticket to see my favourite boy, Olly Murs when he plays in Newcastle later in the year, two handbags; a black one from Mango & a brown one from Clarks, an Ikea Malm dressing table (which is staying flat packed in the box until I move into my new house), pyjamas,  lots of Lush goodies and endless amounts of chocolate biscuits!

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year! Don't forget to leave links to your Christmas present posts in the comments below, I'd love to read them all.
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