So here we have it, the latest launch from Benefit; Puff Off! An instant eye gel which helps to smooth the look of under eye puffiness and decrease the appearance of fine lines. 

Before I start to speak about the product itself, I have to talk about the packaging... Of course, like all Benefit products it is very pretty and girly, the colours are gorgeous and the tube itself is lovely to hold. The branding is all based around irons, which may seem a little strange at first, but the product works to iron out the bags under your eyes, so it's all relevant. The best thing about this is that the applicator is shaped like an iron! Some may think it's a little bit of a gimic, but in all honesty, I think it's genius! It's certainly something to make the product memorable and get people talking, plus when applying the product to the skin, the tip fits perfectly into the under eye area and feels wonderfully cooling.

For anyone who suffers with tired eyes, this is a must have. Personally I work 40+ hours a week on my regular job, around two hours a day on my blog (if not more) and I have a little girl to look after, so it's fair to say that I sometimes suffer from lack of sleep. 
I've been using Puff Off on a morning, between my skincare routine and applying my makeup and it feels so good! It instantly cools the eye area, which certainly works well to wake me up and it is absorbed by the skin pretty much instantly, so when I'm rushing round on a morning getting ready, it doesn't take any time to include in my routine and allows me to apply my makeup straight after.

This can also be used on top of makeup, and when gently applied and patted into the skin my makeup doesn't move... so if you're feeling a little tired during the day, this is the perfect little pick me up.
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