A couple of week's ago I headed South to London for the Real Techniques launch party and of course a trip to London meant I had to try somewhere new for food. Overtime Ray & I visit a new city, we seem to have created some kind of tradition of eating burgers, and after hearing so many good things about Meat Liquor, we decided it was time to tick it off the bucket list!

Set back from Oxford Street, it is really easy to get to, but not so easy to find. From the outside it looks more like a club than a restaurant, a deception which continues inside also... it's very dark, with (as you can see from the photos) red lighting, lots of graffiti art and loud music. We were greeted at the door by some really friendly and welcoming staff who sat us at a large bench table.

The food menu is small, but has everything you could want from a burger joint, plus a large cocktail menu (which sounded amazing, but unfortunately I was driving home from the train station, so had to settle for a Coke). I ordered the bacon cheeseburger with a side of fries and Ray went for the green chilli cheeseburger and fries, both of which arrived in a matter of minutes, on a tray which was placed in between us. I found it a little odd that we weren't given our own plates, but it's not the first time I've experienced this kind of service (it's not always a bad thing).

One thing I really didn't like was the fact that I couldn't see my food properly due to the strange lighting... especially when it comes to meat, I like to check that everything looks okay before I eat it, so I was feeling a little uneasy and found myself picking at my burger rather than tucking in. I was also really disappointed with the fries... I always say chips can make or break a place, and unfortunately for Meat Liquor they sealed the deal for me, they just tasted like frozen McDonalds chips, nothing impressive at all.

I'm sad to say that I only ate about half of the meal, and although the staff were more than helpful, I didn't enjoy it at all. Maybe there are better choices on the menu, and I'd gladly place my bets on the fact that the cocktails would impress more than the food, it seemed like the perfect place for a few drinks with friends but for burgers I'll stick to Patty & Bun.
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