Feel Unique is one of my favourite websites to browse on a rainy day, there's always something in my basket waiting to be purchased on payday and now they've added a few more incredible beauty brands to the already vast list available.

Topshop Beauty is one of the new additions to the site, which is great news for us beauty lovers, as their collection was only ever available direct from Topshop previous to this, and if your local stores are anything like mine, half the stock is either missing, sold out or someone's stuck their finger in it, so to have it delivered straight to your door will be a refreshing change.
Now you might call me stingy, but I much prefer to make my beauty purchases all in one go when ordering online rather than ordering everything directly from brand websites, mainly as I don't like to shell out too much on postage for a few little items... Now that even more brands are available on Feel Unique, I can mix and match even more products I need into one order - perfect!

If you've never tried products from Topshop's beauty range before, you've honestly been missing out. Every product I have tried, I have loved, the packaging is really cute and my collection is ever growing. I would highly recommend giving the cream blushes, highlighters and lip bullets a try first - they're all amazing.
I'll be reviewing these new products on here really soon... I've heard wonderful things about the Kohl eyeliner, I've already tried the nail varnish (it's beautiful!) and I'm very intrigued by the Cheek Jelly!

Laura Geller and Grown Alchemist are also new to Feel Unique this month.
Now to decide which bits I'm going to treat myself to... What would you recommend?
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