Have you ever woken up with hair crazier than a scarecrow caught in a tornado?   
As you stumble from bed, smashing your alarm clock with an opportunistic punch and standing on a karma-balancing plug in the process, you crash into the bathroom like Jack Torrance grasping a Van de Graaf generator.  

One quick look in the unsupportive mirror confirms ityou’re having a bad hair day.  
While it’s natural to feel anxious and helpless when your tresses are refusing to play fair, you may take some comfort from the fact you’re not alone. In fact, research shows an average British woman spends around 26 years of her life (the equivalent of three days a week) battling unruly locks.   

However, before rushing back to bed and pulling the duvet over your Worzel Gummidge-esque barnet, read our list, below, of the three top secret and easily actionable ways to stop bad hair days forever... 

Use Sodium Free Shampoo  
It’s hard to believe, but the shampoo and conditioner you’ve been using since you were old enough to buy your own is probably doing your hair more damage than good. Why? Because those off-the-shelf shampoos typically contain nasty sodium chloride, which irritates your hair and scalp. 
The solution? Switch to sodium free shampoo, which, unlike other shampoos, won’t strip your hair of its essential oils or dry out your scalp. This leaves you with hair that’s shinier than a new penny and fresher than the Prince of Bel Air.  

Shake Up Your Diet  
You may not know it, but if your diet consists of more burgers than John Goodman could handle and enough alcohol to drown Oliver Reed, the consequent lack of nutrients will leave your hair feeling dry, brittle and lifeless.  
As a result, shake up your diet and ditch the burgers by opting for superfoods such as eggs, fish, bananas and spinach, which will provide your hair with the essential nutrients it needs to grow and strengthen. 

Stop Stressing 
Admittedly, when your alarm clock blares out and you need to get ready for a big presentation, it’s easy to look like you’re about to burst with stress – but this nervous tension affects your hormones and does little to help your hair woes.  
Consequently, try to start your day a bit earlier and give yourself enough time to get ready without worrying unnecessarily. After all, it’s better to give up an extra half an hour in bed to sort out your tresses and nail that presentation with ease. 

Do you have any tips for coping with a bad hair day? Let me know by leaving a comment below – I’d love to hear from you.
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