As I've mentioned on here and on Twitter a couple of times, I'm currently in the process of moving house and nothing excites me more than searching for things to buy for the house (if you follow me on Pinterest you will already know this!)
I've kind of jumped on the bandwagon with the copper trend which everyone seems to be obsessing over at the moment, and I've compiled a huge wish list of little extras and accessories which I want to buy for the new house. Some pieces are really expensive, but I've also managed to find some really affordable things which I thought I would share with you today... in the meantime you can help me to decide which things I really do need!

Lanterns which come in a pack of two (one big, one small) are the most expensive things on the list, so let's get them out of the way! They're really simplistic and can be used for candles or plants, and can be hung or can stand on a table or mantlepiece. If you're just looking for a subtle addition of copper to your interior, these are ideal.

Something which I am definitely going to buy is a few of the tumblers, which are the perfect, shiny copper colour. I'm just having problems deciding what I would use them for... would I have them in my bathroom for our toothbrushes, on my dressing table for my makeup brushes or on the kitchen windowsill with little plants or cactus in?.. Maybe I'll just get lots and use them all round the house, they're cheap enough to justify buying a few!

Until I found this one, I didn't really want a soap dispenser, but now I feel like I have to have it! This and the tumbler would look very classy and expensive side by side next to my sink and add a bit of glamour to the bathroom.

I don't plan on having copper in every room of my house, but I want the tiered pendant light shade for my dining room so bad! The simple, modern design is really fresh and funky and would brilliant against a white backdrop (which is what I'm planning for the room), it's really just all falling into place! I was really surprised at the price of this too, it's so much cheaper than I would have expected.

Something which every house needs, a mirror, so why not have a copper one?! It's another subtle piece which could work well with almost any colour scheme. I love the fact that it hangs from a chain too, it gives a little bit of a modern, industrial feel to a simple piece.

Possibly my favourite item on the list is the cement & copper vase, which looks way too stylish to be from Asda, but believe it or not, it is! I'd love to have this in my entrance hall with fresh flowers each week, it's so contemporary and different from anything else I've seen while searching for copper accessories (and believe me, I've done a lot of searching), it would really be a talking point for anyone coming in the house.

I'm trying to tell myself that I don't actually need the alarm clock because I, like most people, use my phone for my alarm, but I can't help but picture this on my bedside table and envisage how stylish it would look. Do you think it's a bit to excessive (or obsessive) to buy into the copper trend when it's something I probably wouldn't use, or is it worth it for the aesthetics?

The cute little glass box with copper base is the cheapest thing on this wish list, making it a must have purchase! This would look so cute on anyone's dressing table holding some rings, hair grips or little trinkets, useful and pretty!

So what do you think? Which do I need to buy, and are you going to treat yourself to any? They're all bargains after all!

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