A couple of weeks ago I attended the first ever Lush Middlesbrough bloggers event which was held in celebration of the launch of three new Lush perfumes; Kerbside Violet, Death & Decay and All Good Things. I feel like I shouldn't admit it, but I didn't even realise Lush sold perfume, and surprisingly, the range is pretty big and really varied... there's definitely a scent or two to suit everyone's taste.

My favourite of the three newbies is Kerbside Violet, it's very much to my taste, quite heavy yet floral and sweet at the same time. I heard a few of the girls say that the smell reminded them of Parma Violet sweets and it really does! I sprayed myself with this at the event and noticed the scent was still going strong when I went to bed that evening... definitely a sign of longevity with this one.

Death & Decay is a scent which really intrigued me, mainly due to the name, but trust me, there's no need to be put off because of this. The smell is probably still quite an acquired taste, it's quite strong and spicy, yet still with some floral notes in there to sweeten it a little... It's a little bit herbal scented, it kind of reminds me of the smell of meditation (if that even makes sense) and actually reminds me of an old hippie shop I used to visit when I was in school to buy incense sticks and zodiac necklaces! I would choose to wear this for a night out rather than all day with it being so heavy, but I think once I got used to it a little more, I'd be happy to wear it all the time... If you like to wear unique scents, this one is for you.

Lastly, All Good Things is a scent that I find really hard to describe, and through attending the event I realise that certain people smell certain things when they initially give this a whiff... quite hard to describe so maybe you'll have to check it out for yourself when you're next in a Lush store! It is actually marketed as  a unisex fragrance, so don't go assuming it's a girly one because of the packaging, because it really isn't... It contains black pepper which gives it a bit of a kick, and for me personally upon initial application the musky, almost smokey scents shine through. After a little settling the scent becomes sweeter, lighter and fresher. One thing is for sure, it's definitely a unique perfume!
After playing with the perfumes and having a good nosey around the store, we all got to stick our hands into a giant bowl of calamine powder, blueberries, rose oil and glycerine to create a giant face mask which we all got to take home with us.

Thank you so much to the lovely ladies at Lush Middlesbrough for having us, it was a great night!

Have you tried any Lush perfumes before? Which is next on your wish list?
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