Last week I blogged about the Lush Middlesbrough event, which was to introduce us to the new perfume collection. At the event we were also able to view the new Mother's Day products that Lush have to offer this year, and with Mother's Day just around the corner (this Sunday so don't forget), I thought I'd give you a quick glimpse of the goodies they have in store.

As with every special occasion, Lush like to release a limited edition shower gel, this year's offering for Mother's Day is Yummy Mummy, a beautiful lilac, floral scented gel which kind of reminds me of a parma violets, lavender and toffee scent rolled into one, which may sound like a strange combo, but trust me, it smells good! Just like all the other Lush shower gels, this can be used as a bubble bath too, which was demonstrated to us in store with the use of two jugs... the water turned lilac and the smell was incredible - a bath of this would be heaven!

Another product we tried in store was the Secret Garden Bath Bomb, which looks so bright and beautiful! It's rose scented, which is really relaxing and gentle - ideal for any Mum who needs a bit of chill time, and as you can see from the photo of the giant bowl, it looks amazing when put in the water. If your Mum likes roses but the bright colours aren't for her, maybe she will like the Rose Bombshell, it's a bath bomb with a soya milk base, and when it melts, little rose petals float out from inside - how cute?!

As a Mother myself, the product at the top of my wish list this Mother's Day is the Yummy Mummy Body Conditioner, which smells similar to the YM Shower Gel, but a bit creamier (thanks to the cocoa butter base), honestly, I want to eat it, it smells that good! I'm always a fan of Lush body conditioners, they're so softening and moisturising on my tired skin and always feel like such a treat to apply - any Mum would appreciate this I'm sure!

The final products I would recommend are the bubble bars. I've used the Ultraviolet which is another Parma Violets-esque scented product which contains violet leaf and jasmine... it's very herbal and relaxing to smell and leaves the bath looking beautiful. The Rose, surprisingly smells of roses and contains cocoa butter, lemon oil, orange oil and much more to leave the skin feeling super soft and nourished. Mother Superior is a citrus and floral scented bar, which is a great for a bit of a wake-me-up bath and turns the water the most amazing blue colour.
Lastly, and possibly the cutest of them all is the Bubblegrub... this little guy is almost too cute to use! He smells a lot more earthy and natural than the others and leaves the skin feeling really nourished after the bath.
I think any Mum will love any of these, they're the perfect excuse for some relaxation, a glass of wine and a bit of 'me' time.

Will you be treating your Mum, or yourself(!) to any of these?

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