There's nothing I look forward to each month than my payday treat; a takeaway! Naughty I know, but one night a month with a delicious hassle free meal delivered to your door feels like a bit of a luxury... With the JUST EAT app on my phone, it's so easy to order too, no messing about with phone calls, just a few clicks and the order is placed. After a hard week at work, it's so nice to put my feet up in front of the TV and wait for my food to be delivered to my door.

The app allows you, after entering your postcode and selecting wether you want a delivery or collection, to scroll through menus from endless local takeaways which can be filtered through to find exactly what you're looking for wether it's a Chinese (my takeaway of choice), Italian, Indian or something else, and if you're not familiar with some of the takeaways, you can view reviews and ratings on all of the restaurants. When you've whittled down all of the options and found what you want to eat, you simply click your choices and then head to the checkout, where I was happy to find that you can leave a message for the takeaway with any dietary or delivery instructions (no onions in my meal please!) before paying, either by signing into your JUST EAT account or opting to pay with cash on arrival.

Robbie and I take turns choosing our takeaways, and this month was my turn so we went for Hong Kong style sweet and sour pork, egg fried rice, prawn toast and salt and pepper chicken wings (like I say we try to stick to just one takeaway each month so we really go all out!)
The food arrived in less than half an hour, piping hot and absolutely delicious. 

I actually Tweeted JUST EAT after placing my order and they used the hashtag #minifistpump in the reply, which is their new campaign all about celebrating small victories, and things that make life easier (like the app)... My meal was definitely worth a mini fist pump!
Have you used the app before? If not, I'm sorry to be a bad influence on your waistline, but go for it!
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