Benefit Roller Lash

So, Benefit, the kings and queens of mascara (Bad Gal and They're Real are all-time favourites of mine) are back with another new release; Roller Lash, which for me is a winner on it's name alone! As soon as I heard about this, I couldn't wait for it's release so that I could give it a try, it really intrigued me.
I have the mini version in these photographs, which I kind of think has nicer packaging than it's full size version, I love the rose gold lid, which in full size is replaced with a pink old style hair roller styled lid that does give it Benefit's famous quirky, themed style, but I really am a sucker for anything rose gold!

Onto the mascara itself, this claims to be a super-curling and lifting mascara, thanks to the fancy brush which you may have noticed is curved, known in the beauty world as the 'hook n roll'. The soft, bendy plastic bristles work like a hook to catch every lash while curling and lifting them... which could mean I can finally ditch my eyelash curlers!
On application the lift to the lashes is really noticeable and with a little wiggle whilst applying even the tiniest of lashes are brought to life, you can feel the brush gripping the lashes and instantly the lashes lift to open up the eyes.
The brush is really slim and easy to work with, even for the bottom lashes, although for me personally, the product doesn't work on my bottom lashes, it just looked a little weird!
The mascara contains Provitamin B5 and Serin which help to hold the curl in the lashes for up to 12 hours and also condition the lashes while they work, which is a real added bonus.

Although the mascara is good, the brush is the real star of the show and I find that every time I use this mascara my lashes (which are naturally long but straight) are really curled and shaped in quite a dramatic way, as well as lenghtened. I even had a few comments from people at work asking what was different so it really must do something!

Have you given Roller Lash a try yet?
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