Essie Nails Base Coat Help Me Grow

I've never really been one for using a base coat when I paint my nails, maybe I'm lazy, maybe I didn't see the need for it, but when I was sent this base coat from Essie, I thought it would be worth giving it a go.

This is a two in one product which not only acts as a base coat, but promises to help encourage the nails to grow, which in truth is what intrigued me the most. I work a lot of hours, spend a lot of time typing and playing with Elodie, which usually results in a lot of broken nails and although my nails themselves are actually pretty strong, I find that they peel quite a lot.

The first thing I noticed when using this was how smoothly my nail polish applied on top of this base coat... I was expecting a little difference to application, but with this as the base it's kind of dreamy to apply a colour on top of, there's no ridges, lumps or creasing, just smooth polish (and this is the case with every brand/colour I've tried so far). Longevity of the polish isn't affected massively, some colours have maybe lasted slightly longer than usual, some not so much, but you could argue that it depends what I've been doing each day, it is a little bit hard to judge.

As for helping my nails to grow, again it's a little hard to judge. I do snap my nails a lot at work, but through using this on my nails with or without for four weeks straight I have definitely noticed an improvement in the condition of my nails, and I'm happy to report that they have completely stopped peeling. The polish contains Argan Oil and Algae extract, both of which work together to protect the nails... it seems as though Argan Oil is a bit of a wonder product, I use quite a few hair products containing it, and I love those too!

I'm going to continue using this, reapplying every four or five days when I change my polish colour to see if my nails begin to grow faster over time. Hopefully they will, but even just as a base coat this is good stuff, so if they do grow it will just be an added bonus.

Have you tried this before? What results did you get?
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