I'm usually a person who carries around a really big handbag, I'm always drawn to the bigger options as I feel like I need to carry lots around with me, but when cleaning out my bag recently (seriously, I should do this more often, it was long overdue!) I took out so many things I didn't need on a daily basis anymore... my umbrella, about five lipsticks, two notebooks... I could go on and I realised that maybe I'm only carrying these things around because I can. So I decided to downsize my bag for Summer...

I decided to go for white, rather than my usual black choice, as a brighter change for the warmer months (but still kept it monochrome obviously!) When searching through the cross body bags online I found this little beauty, it's white with contrasting black edging, it has a silver zip (much prefer this to gold or bronze), it's finished with a pebbled effect (thumbs up for textures) and it's actually the perfect size! 

Although I see this as a small bag, it's really practical for day to day use. I've been carrying around my purse, phone, car, work and house keys, camera and a little bit of makeup with room to spare.
I honestly think that I'm converted and that everyone needs a little white bag in their life for Summer!

Would you downsize your bag?
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