When did Marks & Spencer get so trendy?!

I was browsing the home wear section over the weekend (yes I'm officially old now) when I found myself browsing the bags... then the clothes... and to my surprise, I ended up lusting after so many beautiful pieces. I was even happier when I noticed there was a 50% sale on... I definitely know where I'll be heading first thing on payday!

Now that Spring has sprung, it's all about the pastels and M&S have hit the nail right on the head with their Spring Summer collection this year.
In particular I am loving the trousers... all three pairs! The pink and blue pairs are so chic and smart, yet would look brilliant dressed down with a casual tee tucked in, and the printed ones are pretty much my dream trousers right there!

The blazer and the longline cardigan are gorgeous cover ups for this time of year, and just what I need while living on the coast (it's never hot up here!)
The striped dress is perfect for holidays and the other dress is just stunning with the whispy lilac fabric, I just need an invite to a christening or wedding so that I can justify needing that one.

It came as no surprise to me that I wanted all of the bags on the website, but the three above are definitely firm favourites (I think the blue one will be on my arm in the near future) and ironically for anyone who knows me and my style, I am loving the printed trainers too... maybe they'll even encourage me to hit the gym again, it's been a while.

Are you loving M&S as much as I am these days?
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