Last week I tweeted that I had found a concealer which could possibly be classed as 'holy grail', I had lots of replies asking me which product I was talking about... well, this is it.
Over the years I have tried endless concealers, I've tried every formula and brand I can think of, but I'd never really been wowed until now. I've found concealers I liked in the past, and there has been a few repurchases, but this is definitely the best I've had.

Concealer is an every day essential for me, used manly to cover my under eye circles,  around my nose and any blemishes... I've used concealers in the past that work well for one and not so much for the other, but this ticks all the boxes for me.

Tarte is a brand which I have only recently used, and so far I am impressed with everything I have tried. The concealer comes in a really cute little pot, with a pretty patterned lid which lifts up to reveal the concealer and a nice sized mirror in the lid. The bottom of the pot screws off to show the HD finishing powder which is used to set the concealer.

The concealer itself is creamy and slightly tacky in consistency (not too dissimilar to Benefit's Erase Paste), it's high coverage, yet when blended out it becomes almost invisible to the eye and appears flawless. I have seen a few bloggers mention the fact that they don't like this for covering under eye circles, I think this is because the concealer is quite heavy and thick. However, I have found that for the under eye area a tiny bit can go a long way, and when warmed between the finger tips and then blended out and set with the finishing powder, it doesn't crease at all - be careful though, because if you use too much it can appear a little cakey under the eyes, I guess practising with how much product you actually need is the key.

The finishing powder is a very finely milled translucent powder which sets the concealer wonderfully. It applies easily, and much like the concealer, a little goes a long way. On the skin it feels light and to touch the skin is super soft and silky where it is applied.

Available in five shades from the QVC website, it's nice to have a fairly broad shade range to choose from. The concealer also comes with a double ended brush which has a fluffy brush on one end (which I have been using with the finishing powder) and a denser angled brush on the other end which is ideal for applying the concealer around the nose area to get into all the creases of the face. It's definitely a bonus to get such a lovely brush with the product!
All in all, I think we can say I love this concealer... It's a must have in my daily makeup routine right now.

Have you tried any Tarte products recently?
Let me know if you're going to give this a go!
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