Shoes: Topshop
Bag: Primark

Some days it's just good for the soul to put on a pretty dress and dance in the sunshine!
Who needs an excuse to wear a dress like this?.. Just put it on when you're feeling down for an instant cheer up.

When this arrived at my door, it was love at first sight... the tutu-esque netted pink skirt is any girly girl's dream style and the beautiful mesh and floral layered top is equally as beautiful.
I couldn't wait to try it on and style it, even if I was a little dubious as to how it would look on me! Initially I wanted to wait for a real occasion to wear it out with heels and a little clutch but with nothing coming up I decided to play around a little with how to wear it. To make it a little more wearable I decided to put it with black tights, a studded oversized clutch and chunky black boots to contrast the girly style of the dress... maybe for daytime wear or to make it more casual I would add my leather jacket too.

If I was younger and attending a prom, or if I was going to a birthday party, the races or something similar, this really would be ideal, and definitely my dress of choice! It's really eye-catching and a definite head turner, worthy of a big occasion.

This dress inspired me to mention how I feel about clothes and fashion... in my line of work I hear girls and women saying all the time 'I can't wear that' or 'that wouldn't look good on me' without even trying on the item and I always encourage people to try things before deciding, or to try things out of their comfort zone, that they wouldn't usually choose and the majority of the time they end up loving something that they don't expect. Much like this dress, which I didn't expect to suit me, or really fit in with my style, yet when I wear it, I feel great!
When it comes to clothes, be brave, mix it up and wear what you want!
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