If I had a pound for every time someone asks me about how I get my hair to grow so long I'd be a very rich girlie! I usually say I'm just lucky to have my hair grow naturally long, but really it does take quite a bit of TLC and attention to maintain the length and to keep my hair strong and healthy. Since having Elodie, I have worked harder to maintain my healthy hair, as during and after my pregnancy I suffered a lot of hair loss and the condition of my hair really deteriorated. 
Everyone knows the usual ways to make your hair grow faster; regular trims, avoiding hair dryers and heated styling tools where possible, not brushing when wet etc... but I'm going to share a few lesser known, natural ways to help encourage hair growth and to help strengthen the hair.

Egg Hair Masks 
You're going to think I'm crazy, but now and again I like to whip up some egg whites and use them as a mask on my hair... It has been proven that this works to speed up hair growth but it also leaves my hair super shiny! If I've got a big occasion, you can guarantee I'm sitting watching tv the night before with egg in my hair!

Hot Oil Scalp Massages
For a homemade treatment, I like to heat up coconut oil, or olive oil with castor oil and have my boyfriend massage it into my scalp around half an hour before washing my hair. I do this every two-three weeks and I honestly think that it makes a difference to my hair. It almost instantly leaves my hair feeling thicker and softer, the vitamins and fatty acids in the oils promote hair growth and the massage itself stimulates blood flow to the scalp as well as removing any product build up which helps to make the hair grow faster.

Rinse With Apple Cider Vinegar
I like to take a bottle of apple cider vinegar into the shower with me once a week, which I apply to my hair after rising out my shampoo. This is a little like the egg hair masks... a bit of an old wives tale, but another that actually works. I started using this after reading that it can help to combat a sensitive scalp (which I have suffered from for years) but now I use it almost of fun! It conditions my hair, acts as a clarifying treatment, prevents knots and tangles and is proven to improve porosity of the hair, therefore helping to maintain moisture and making the hair stronger.

Lots Of Water
I know some people do struggle to drink water, but for me it's the drink of choice...wether I'm adding lemon slices or drinking from the bottle, I go through a few litres a day. It's a known fact that drinking plenty can help clear up skin, but it also improves the condition of your hair and nails by clearing out the toxins in the body. If you manage to change up your drinking habits and replace the majority of your drinks with water, you should notice your hair breaking less as it will become hydrated from the inside, which will help against nasty dry, split ends.

Take Your Vitamins
Many vitamins will come from a healthy diet and will benefit hair condition and encourage growth, I eat a lot of fish and red meats which are known to be really good, but I also like to take multivitamins each day, just to be sure I'm getting all the goodness I need in my body, not only for my hair, but for my skin and overall welfare too. If you want to focus mainly on your hair growth, you need to be taking Biotin and Vitamin D.

The list could go on, but these are my top 5 tips which really work... if your hair is healthy and strong, the growth will follow.

This post was written in collaboration with nicehair.org - a leading hair loss specialist. For more information about health of your hair, advice, reviews of the preventative topical hair loss treatments visit their website.
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