Contouring is one of those things I continue to work on perfecting... as hard as I try, I still struggle to achieve Kim K's cheekbones, so when I heard Barry M had released a foolproof contour kit, I just had to snap one up for myself and give it a whirl.

The kit comes in a handy palette, with three powders (a light, medium and dark, or highlighter, bronzer and contour) in decent sized pans... I've had no trouble swirling my brushes around the powders, yet the kit still manages to be streamline enough to fit into my makeup bag. Unfortunately there isn't a mirror inside the lid, but instead a step by step guide to help anyone with application of the powders, which I find does cheapen and maybe makes the kit seem more aimed at younger people, however for such a good price (only £6.49) I'm not complaining!

All three of the powders are matte, so with the highlighter you're not going to get any shimmer, but the powder does blend out nicely on my skin and leaves a little bit of sheen to me complexion. 
The bronzer is highly pigmented and a nice warm, mid toned bronze... I was a little worried this would show up as quite muddy on my light skin tone, but I have no problems with blending this out into a nice natural shade. 
The contouring powder is of course darker again, which if not blended out properly could cause problems for paler girls like myself, to avoid this I've been using a fluffy brush and very little product, then adding more as I go, which I find works really well. It's buildable, easy to blend when applied lightly thanks to it's powdery texture and leaves a really natural shadow on the face. 

For an every day contour kit, I would say this is now my first choice, it's all there for you, and you really can't go wrong. For a night time, more dramatic look I would perhaps look elsewhere, or use my usual favourite cream bronzers, however this could do the job, at such a good price this definitely gets the thumbs up from me.

Have you given this kit a try yet?
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