I'd have to say that coconut oil is my favourite discovery of 2015 so far. When I first heard people raving about it, I assumed it was just a new cooking craze that would be over with quicker than it became popular, but I actually wish I'd realised how wrong I was sooner than I did... it turns out coconut oil is the bomb!

One of my very favourite uses for coconut oil is as a hair mask, it leaves my hair feeling silky and looking extra shiny after just half an hour or so of soaking into my locks. I've heard people using it in various ways as a mask but I would recommend heating a spoonful in the microwave to melt and then applying from the mid lengths down to the tips when cooled. Once a month or so I give all of my hair a treat and apply the mask from root to tip, leaving it on for around 15 minutes before rinsing. Another huge bonus of replacing your current deep conditioners and hair masks with this is that you save a fortune... get rid of the twenty something pound bottles in the bathroom cabinet, and reach for the coconut oil from the kitchen!

A use I have only recently discovered but blummin' love is using the oil to remove my makeup. This is especially good for me as it helps to moisturise my dry skin... believe me, it works wonders! A tiny amount melted between the tips of my fingers and rubbed into the skin using circular motions will remove even the toughest of products, eyeliners and brow products have nothing on coconut oil! The oil is proven to help with dryness, cracking heels, rough elbows... you get the idea, but it also helps with eczema and early signs of ageing.

If you follow me on Instagram, you'll know I love to bake on my days off work, and I've been replacing butters and oils in my baking with coconut oil. In the majority of recipes it makes absolutely no difference to the taste of the finished cakes/biscuits but makes them much healthier options and sometimes the slight coconuty taste making its way through is delicious. Although I'm not the best cook either, I have been frying with it too - it's great for popping in the pan to shallow fry noodles or when I make my morning pancakes on a weekend, it makes me feel good to think I'm not soaking my foods in butters and heavy, unhealthy oils.

For someone who suffers with sensitive skin, I've found that coconut oil is the perfect shaving cream, it makes shaving quicker, easier and leaves my legs as smooth as ever and doubles up as a moisturiser which works on them as I shave, which is a bonus if you can't really be bothered applying creams and lotions once you've hopped out of the shower... everyone loves a two in one!

The newest use for me, which I did find a little dauting at first, was using the coconut oil as a mouthwash... no really! You may have heard of 'dental pulling'?.. Well it's not as scary as it sounds! I simply swish a small blob of coconut oil and water around my mouth each morning before brushing (it tastes really nice!) which helps to whiten teeth, freshen breath and most amazingly, pull any toxins from between the teeth or under the gums - no trips to the dentist for me, I'd much prefer the coconut oil to do the pulling for me!

Who knew a little pot of coconut oil could tick so many boxes?!
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