One of the top sporting events, the Ashes can provide a perfect day out for you and the family. This year’s tournament is in the UK, taking place at cricketing venues up and down the country including the Oval, Edgbaston, Trent Bridge and Lord’s cricket grounds. Whether you’re a cricket boffin or hardly know anything at all about the game this guide will provide helpful tips for you to make the most of a day out with cricket’s finest.  

What is the Ashes? 

Emphasising the long-held rivalry between England and Australia, the Ashes is a cricket test series usually held biennially between the two sides. The history of the series is thought to have begun in 1882, after England lost a match at the famous Oval cricket grounds. The following morning a mock obituary was printed in The Sporting Times lamenting England’s loss, declaring the end of English cricket as “the body will be cremated and the ashes taken to Australia”. A tradition was born: the victors holding the Ashes urn until the next series with the loser hoping to reclaim the trophy for themselves. 

Keeping abreast of the vital info 

An important thing to remember is that you don’t want to embarrass yourself on the day by not really knowing what’s going on. Obviously nobody expects you to be a pundit, but it can be helpful to keep an eye on the sport’s pages so you’re aware of the previous days match, the scores, and how the game is going. Once you’re clued in, you may want to pop over to Coral and place a bet as they offer the chance to pick the top match bowler to the winner of individual test matches.  

Finally, best make sure you’re dressed for the part 

Hopefully the summer sunshine will continue to grace us with its presence until the end of the series and if it does a nice light coloured dress is the perfect outfit choice for ladies. This ASOS tiered cami dress is only £25 and won’t look out of place amongst the cricket whites, however, if you’re looking for a bit of pattern this floral dress from Warehouse is similarly priced at £32. Another option, if you’re not too keen on wearing a dress, would be a fun jumpsuit and with over 500 different styles to choose from ASOS is sure to have the ideal one for you. Of course, don’t forget your sunnies and sun cream – nobody wants to return home looking like a lobster! 

Most importantly, just remember to have fun and to soak up the electric atmosphere. Fingers crossed England can reclaim the trophy this year! 

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