If I'm completely honest, I'm a mascara addict, and actually a bit of a snob when it comes to what I will wear on my eyelashes... my mascara collection is probably worth the most in my makeup stash.  This is mainly for vanity reasons, but also due to the fact that my eyes are so sensitive, I do have to be careful with what I use.

When it comes to trying new mascaras, especially by brands that are new to me, I am a little dubious and often don't even bother, but something about Code Beautiful VLM Mascara really made me really want to try it. The story behind it really inspired me, a brand developed by two ladies who had been unhappy with other mascaras on a mission to create something which ticks all the boxes - talk about girl power! It's also paraben free and not tested on animals, it contains vitamins and waxes which help to encourage lash growth and it's waterproof!

With all of these amazing selling points I couldn't wait to give it a go... I was praying I would love it before it was even in my hand! The packaging isn't my favourite thing about it, it's quite young looking, something which I think teenagers would love (the box itself is white with a hot pink and black graffiti style design) and the tube is pretty simple - nothing to complain about but just not to my personal taste. 

The wand is made up of really dense hairs, packed together in little groups, which really seems to help hold onto the mascara itself, on application I find that one coat top and bottom is enough for a daytime, natural look and for me personally it gives a really nice lift and curl to the lashes as seen in the photograph above and for a more dramatic look, this is easily built up with an extra coat.
I find that it dries really quickly after application, there's no smudging and most importantly for me, I haven't suffered any flaking during the day... there's nothing worse than mascara falling off onto your cheeks!

I will definitely be looking forward to trying more from Code Beautiful.
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