A few weeks ago I attended a bloggers event in The Bridges Shopping Centre in Sunderland (more on that soon). While I was there we were given the chance to visit their lovely Lush store, speak with the staff and make our own bubble bars... as a little bit of a Lush obsessive I jumped at the chance to get my hands dirty(?!) and couldn't wait to give it a try.

Having only just acquired a bath (I have been a die hard showerer for the past 20-something years) bubble bars, bath bombs and the like, excite me more than your regular person... I had recently bought The Comforter shower gel in the Oxford Street store and knew that the smell was oh so dreamy, so I was super happy when I heard we were going to be making The Comforter Bubble Bar. If you haven't given these a sniff before, I would describe it as a sweet blackcurrant scent... but really you should just go and have a smell for yourself... it's delicious!
We adorned some stylish blue gloves to knead the white and pink playdoh type mixtures together, then added oils and perfumes before rolling out our shapes... and believe me, rolling the perfect spiral proved to be pretty difficult, but really fun! I was pretty proud of my chunky little bubble bar! When it came to crumbling it over the bath, I was a little sad to ruin my masterpiece, but all of the bubbles and the pretty pink water made it worthwhile!

I was lucky enough to be given a few extra treats to try by the staff, another beautiful bubble bar called A French Kiss, which admittedly looks a lot prettier than my creation, and almost to pretty to actually use... I love the sails of lilac and white with the cute addition of a sprig of real lavender! You could probably guess this one is lavender scented but the ingredients also include coconut oil, rosemary oil and thyme oil, can you just imagine how good this smells? Ideal for a relaxing nighttime bath with my favourite book and a glass of fizz!

Lastly we had a little chat about my skin type, issues and problems I have with my skin before being recommended the ideal mask to try... due to sensitivity and dryness I was given the BB Seaweed Mask, a fresh antiseptic, moisturising mask with ingredients including honey, ground almonds, toothed wrack seaweed, aloe vera and fresh rose petals - perfect for when my face is feeling tight and sore. I have already used this up and I have to say it is possibly the most soothing product I have ever used on my skin. The cooling sensation on application is heaven, the smell is really relaxing and my face is left feeling so soft and nourished after use - I've already picked up another!

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