Top: MangoJeans: Fash Vie Shop | Shoes: Matalan | Bag: Tessie's | Rings: Primark | Watch: Olivia Burton

Hi there, long time no see once again! Lately it feels like I'm working 24/7 which means blogging is having to be squeezed in at the most awkward of times and really, I'd rather be sleeping! I have a rare day off today, which means I'm typing and scheduling like crazy to keep this little space of the internet active.

With working pretty much all the time right now, when it comes to days off, I'm hitting a blank with what to wear, so I'm sticking with the simple, go to piece which can be accessorised and changed up really easily. These jeans for example, I'm practically living in (bargain of the day at only £15 too, I'm definitely grabbing myself another pair on payday!)... I love the 80's vibe they have with the acid washed type finish and the super messed up rips, all the more better for teaming with my strappy (killer to walk in) heels from Matalan, it's a damn good job they're pretty because it makes them worth the pain! I only wore this outfit for a few drinks with a friend though, so I just to say managed to totter to and from the taxi okay!

My favourite part of this outfit has to be the holographic clutch bag, while some of you may be over the whole holographic/unicorn craze, I for one am not... this bag just screams cool to me! It is also perfect size for fitting in my phone, keys and coins too - thumbs up from me.

This morning I went out for the most delicious breakfast with my Dad (snapped it on my Instagram if you fancy a nosey) so I'm all fuelled up for a busy day of blogging, emailing and planning, I might just squeeze in a cheeky slice of cake too... you have to make the most of days off, right?!
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