When styling myself I'm pretty confident, I know what I like, what I suit and how to put things together, yet when I was challenged by Repertoire Fashion to style my boyfriend, I was a little scared.
My boyfriend is quite fussy when it comes to clothes, he always warns me not to buy him anything and says he doesn't like the things I choose or point out to him... now do you understand why I was worried about styling him?!

The Repertoire Fashion website is full of designer clothes and accessories for men and women from a huge array of brands. When it came to selecting something for Robbie, I wanted to choose something wearable yet smart for him, he always chooses jumpers or cardigans himself (he's a bit of a Chandler Bing!) so I wanted something he would be comfortable in, yet with a little bit of my influence.
I do admire men's fashion (almost) as much as women's... I like smart yet quirky style for men; coloured blazers, skinny jeans, quirky shoes, just not all at the same time. 

With Autumn just around the corner I decided to look for something in a berry or burgundy shade, I always find myself reaching for this colour but I think it looks great on men too, wether styled with black or denim, so I felt like I couldn't really go wrong. 
This Ralph Lauren jumper was exactly what I had in mind... I pictured this with skinny jeans and a smart shirt underneath (Robbie chose to add the belt himself). The quality is amazing and it looks great styled smartly or in a more casual way. Everyone who knows me know how much I love Olly Murs, and I really do like his style, I could picture him in this jumper with some skinny chinos and a navy polka dot shirt underneath, unfortunately Robbie isn't that trusting of me, so we agreed on jeans with a smarter shirt underneath and the exposed belt to keep it casual. 

When we looked back on these pictures, Robbie actually loved the look I created, and he wears the jumper all the time! I also picked out a Diverso shirt for him which has since become his favourite work shirt.
Now I have no worries about what I can buy him for his birthday and Christmas, I usually struggle but I know I'll be safe choosing something from Repertoire for him and the prices are so good I won't mind buying him something designer!
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