Everyone's heard about beauty subscription boxes and perhaps become a little bored of them, but here comes something a little different and definitely to my taste... Taffy Mail; an American candy subscription box which can be delivered to anyone in the UK - definitely my dream parcel for landing on my doorstep each month and a great gift idea for someone who's hard to buy for.

Prices start from only £7.49 per month, with three plans to choose from; the lite box, classic box and extra box. I received the classic box which is the original size, containing 10-12 American sweets and one can of American soda.
I used to work in an American diner which sold lots of American candy and I remember a few of the things from when I went to Florida in the 90's, so it was a mixture of excitement for reminiscing over the things I used to eat and love and giving the new things a try too!

I have to be honest and tell you that two things I received in the box didn't even mange to get into the photograph (or my mouth) because my boyfriend was just too quick off the mark in pinching the things he liked the look of most (Peanut Butter Snickers and 5th Avenue Bar), I could do without the Snickers but I was really looking forward to trying the 5th Avenue... he enjoyed telling me it was delicious as well! I can't complain though because I ate the rest, and there were some really amazing things included.

Let's start with chocolate, because chocolate is my favourite... the Mint & Dark Chocolate M&M's were exactly what I hoped they would be and more, some seemed mintier than the others, I'm not sure if this is intentional, but I ate the lot and would definitely buy these on a regular basis if they were sold in the UK.
I have tried Tootsie Roll before, and they were just like I remembered, a sweet chocolate  flavoured chew... really tasty, but I prefer them in individual form rather than in the bar because they're really, really chewy.
Something I had never even heard of was Cow Tales, and this was actually my favourite thing in the box, best described as a rope of soft caramel filled with a vanilla flavoured fondant type cream - delicious! I'm contemplating ordering a full box of these to be shipped over from America, they're that good.

The first thing I ate from the box was the Jolly Rancher Chews - I used to buy these from the corner shop after school, so I really wanted to see if they tasted the same or brought back any memories. If I'm honest, I couldn't remember how they used to taste, but either way, these are delicious, especially the pineapple and tropical punch flavours.
I also really loved the Mike & Ike sweets, which are something I have seen around in UK based USA Candy stores but I have never tried. The box I was sent were the Tropical Fruits flavours, which were all super fruity and really true to their flavour, although I was quite disappointed in myself that I couldn't work out what the mystery flavour was!

For some reason I was mostly excited about trying the can of american soda; I received Big Peach, which I was so intrigued to try as I love peaches but had never tried a peach flavour drink before. I poured it into a glass of ice and it was absolutely delicious, really fruity and very thirst quenching - I wish I could buy these all the time in the UK.
There were two things in the box that I wasn't a fan of; Dots and Swedish Fish, not that they didn't taste nice, because both did, it was more the texture for me. Whenever a sweet is jelly type consistency, I just can't enjoy it, and these were both a little bit too solid, for want of a better word, my boyfriend soon ate these too though so nothing went to waste!

This is definitely a monthly subscription box that I would love to receive through my letter box, it's a brilliant way to try new things and it's always exciting getting surprise parcels... Are you going to give Taffy Mail a try?
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