Every year I say this, and yet again I can't believe I am writing another of these posts... another year has passed and my beautiful Elodie celebrated another birthday, my little girl is 6!
We had planned to take Elodie to London for the first time as a treat (she really wanted to visit The National History Museum!), but unfortunately she wasn't too well for the week leading up to her birthday so we had to give it a miss. We still made sure she had a great day by taking her to choose whatever she wanted from The Disney Store and we're going to take her to London in the new year instead.

Having a six year old is pretty surreal, I'm not going to lie! It feels like only yesterday I was in hospital waiting for my baby girl to arrive and now I have this gorgeous girl who makes me prouder and prouder every day.
Elodie is excelling at reading and wins awards at school for hard work, excellent behaviour and helping others on a regular basis. She loves to draw, write, play with her favourite toys (Playmobil, Shopkins and Sylvanian Families... anything she can spend time setting out) and she's a secret Sacconejoly fan, she never misses a video!
Her imagination impresses me each day, wether it's her telling me a story or playing a game, I'm sure she will end up choosing creative subjects at school or college, it seems so natural for her already. I speak about this thinking this is forever away, but really in ten years time she will be deciding what kind of career path she wants to go down and wether she will be going to college - now that's scary!

Gone are the days of having a little girl who needs my help with everything, Elodie reminds me every day that she's a 'big girl' now and that I'm not allowed to call her 'baby'... she even goes into her classroom by herself without giving me a kiss because she's 'too grown up for kisses at school', sometimes I get a wave though, and always a cuddle when I pick her up at home time. Even though she's growing up, Elodie is my best friend... I guess it won't be long until she's 7!
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