If you read my most recent Lush haul blog post, you will remember me mentioning that I had made my own Comforter Bubble Bar (one of the best Lush products ever!)

I got to do this at the wonderful Lush store in The Bridges Shopping Centre in Sunderland... if you're from the North East and have never been to The Bridges, it's a really great shopping centre, especially if you can't be bothered with the hustle and bustle of The Metro Centre, it's got many of the same shops just on a smaller, less stressful scale. There is late night shopping until 8pm every Thursday and it's free parking after 5:30 - ideal if you want to shop in peace or if you fancy a quick spree after work!

On the evening I was there I was treated to an amazing hand and arm massage using Let The Good Times Roll cleanser, which is possibly the nicest smelling Lush product to date (and that's a statement!) It smells of toffee popcorn, honey, sugar... you get the drift, it's one of those things that definitely smells good enough to eat and to top it off, it left my skin feeling and smelling incredible. We were shown demonstrations of the newest bubble bars and shower gels and then came the exciting part... making our own bubble bar.

We watched as the ingredients were added into two separate bowls, before one mixture was dyed bright pink, fragrance was added, plus some essential oils and then we all got to get stuck in, rock some snazzy blue gloves and mix what felt like a giant bowl of Playdoh! The part which you think would be easy, was actually pretty difficult and that was the rolling and creating of the bubble bar shape itself... some looked amazing, I only managed one swirl (which I was kind of happy with), but for reference, The Comforter should look like this. I had to store my bar in the fridge for 24 hours before I could use it, but knowing I made it myself made using it the most exciting bath of my life!

The staff in Lush Sunderland are all amazing, so helpful, friendly and knowledgeable, I would recommend visiting this store in a heartbeat, especially if you're in need of some advice on which products will work best for you.
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