Having recently moved into a new house, I have gained one thing which I had pined for, for so many years. Something I was really envious about pretty much everyone else having and something so simple, that if it weren't for the title of this blog post, you probably wouldn't be able to guess what I was talking about. A bath. My old house was the place I had lived since being six years old (and that's a long time ago!) so not to have a bath and only have a shower for all of those years, now makes me appreciate my bath oh so much.

Bath's now feel like not only a treat or a bit of luxury relaxation time for me, but they're also still quite a novelty. I'm constantly buying new bath products to try and discovering new favourites as I go. In perfect timing to me being a bit of a bath obsessive, Matalan Direct contacted me to ask if I would like to write a blog post about my ultimate bath (or #MyBath) and to tell you all about what Matalan Direct is... well of course we all know and love Matalan... the clothes, the homewear, but now they have a sister site; Matalan Direct which stocks bathroom furniture, baths, sinks, taps and showers. I myself have spent hours on the site already browsing the bits I need for my dream bathroom (any of these taps please!) and I've heard on the grapevine that they will soon be stocking other bits for around the  house too. Best of all, just like Matalan itself, the prices are all incredible... if you're looking to decorate, I can't recommend this site enough.

Now onto my current favourite bath, I'll be honest and tell you this is changing on a regular basis, but for now these products are the ones for me...
Before I actually get into the bath, there has to be candles, Matalan sent me their Coconut & Vanilla scented one, anyone who knows me knows how much I love coconut and this just smells incredible. Candles always help me to relax and enjoy my time in the bath, so when I do get the chance to, I really make the most of it. My bathroom is quite small too, and when I close the door the scent lingers for ages afterwards - even my boyfriend likes it!

For my face, when I'm in the bath I tend to use a foaming cleanser as I can really get stuck in and foam it up, the Effaclar from La Roche Posay always leaves me feeling refreshed and squeaky clean. I use this once or twice a week, as my skin isn't really oily, but I do get breakouts around my chin - this definitely helps to keep those little pesky spots away.

For my body, when I'm indulging in a long, hot soak I reach for my all-time favourite The Sanctuary. Sleep Smoothing Silk Polish this does exactly what it says on the tin/tube, it calms me, relaxes me and makes all of my work stress and worries slip away. Thanks to the Ylang Ylang in it's ingredients it smells beautiful too, the only thing with this is I always have to save it for my evening baths, otherwise I'm just too relaxed to have a productive day!

Onto the hair, when I'm in the bath I prefer to use a treatment rather than actually washing my hair, I tend to save that for the shower. I'm a lover of all Lee Stafford hair products, but this Hair Growth Treatment is my favourite of all, not that I need my hair to grow anymore, but it keeps my hair feeling really strong.
To get clean I always go for Soap & Glory products and always one of the sweeter scents as apposed to the fruity ones. The Rich & Foamous body wash smells good enough to eat with ingredients including coconut oil (my favourite), honey and almond milk, and it's really moisturising for my dry skin.

I use actual coconut oil instead of shaving foam... I talk about this stuff all the time, it's amazing for so many things, but shaving is the top of my list when it comes to this stuff. I never seem to catch my skin when using it and my skin afterwards is never sore and always super smooth.
Lastly, after my bath I apply Nivea Firming Body Moisturiser allover for a last dose of moisture before I go to bed.

Writing this post has made me majorly crave a pamper night in the bath again... what are your favourite treats for the ultimate bath?

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