When Rush Salon announced they would be releasing their own range of hair products I couldn't have been more excited. Having visited their salons in London for a few cuts in the past, the memories of that hairdresser smell came rushing back to me and the idea of recreating that smell (along with the obvious beautiful flowing locks) with their products in my own home seemed like a dream. Fast forward a few months and I've been testing the whole collection... unfortunately my hair isn't as gorgeous as when they got their hands on it, but the products are top notch!

I love the packaging of the range so much, it's very classy and sleek which keeps it in sync with the salons themselves while the silhouette images keep the range looking fun and modern at the same time. Like I had hoped, each product has that indescribable salon fresh smell to it, which lingers in my hair all day

Survive & Revive Dry Shampoo - Despite my rather large collection of dry shampoos I have been reaching for this one every second and third day post hair wash. It's a lot lighter on the hair than most of the others I have used and it doesn't seem to leave as much of a powdery texture on the hair despite working just as well. If I apply this with my head upside down, it gives quite a decent boost of volume at the roots too, which I love when I'm wearing my hair up and it smells really fresh and  citrusy.

Flex & Form Hairspray - Admittedly, I'm not a big hairspray person... day to day I don't wear it, but if I'm going out or wearing my hair curled or wavy, I need hairspray to hold the style. My hair being so long and thick, can be too heavy and sometimes proves too much for a spray to hold unless I use the extra strong industrial type sprays, which then results in crispy hair... you can see why I don't reach for it daily! I wasn't expecting anything special from this spray if I'm honest, as I've read claims before and still been disappointed, however this is pretty good! Although I haven't tested this on the tightest curls or most defined styles, I have used it plenty of times for a messy, beachy look and this really does hold the style while still allowing for movement and a natural look to the hair with extra shine.
Command & Control Blow Dry Lotion - Possibly my favourite product from the collection, I haven't stopped using this since I received it. As my hair is naturally wavy and fairly unruly, when I want to wear it straight it means committing to a good hour of brushing, blow drying, straightening and plenty of arm ache... this blow dry lotion makes everything so much easier. I apply this to my hair when it's towel dried from the mid sections down before brushing through and blow drying. All of my fly away hairs are smoothed, split ends are disguised and straightening is so much quicker, my hair also feels silker and smells amazing after use.

Lift & Defy Root Lift Gel - This is my go to product for a night out, a tiny amount warmed between my fingertips and applied directly to the roots of my hair before drying gives a real boost to my hair without being sticky and making my hair look greasy (pet hate right there) or weighing my hair down at all. When I want really big hair, I backcomb the roots slightly before and after applying and the results are amazing, it really holds the volume, blowdrying upside down really helps too! I've tried lots of products like this in the past but by the end of the night and the next morning more so, my hair looks terrible, with this, it can be brushed through without the need for a wash. 

Shine & Refine Finishing Serum - I used this in conjunction with the blow dry lotion to finish the ends of my hair after straightening or if I'm wanting to achieve a really sleek ponytail I'll apply a little to my brush to apply throughout all of my hair. Much like other serums I have used on my hair, too much of this will leave the hair looking greasy, so less is definitely more... bearing that in mind, this little bottle will last forever! It is the best smelling product from the collection, it's described by Rush as floral with hints of red fruit and melon, I would say it's sweet without being sickly and really fresh. 
Silk & Gloss Multi Use Oil - This is a really exciting product as it can be used in many ways for different reasons... I have been using it as a conditioning treatment, by applying it to my hair when it is still damp and leaving for an hour or so for a quick fix before rinsing, or for a deep condition when my hair is looking especially dull or feeling weak and brittle, I have been sleeping with the oil on my hair before washing out the next morning.
My hair is left feeling nourished and strengthened whilst looking shinier thanks to the ingredients of Argan Oil and Omega 3, 6 and 9.
The oil comes in a glass bottle with a pipette dispenser, so not only does it look great on the dressing table, it's really practical as you have easy control over how much product you use.

Style & Behold Texture Paste - Although I haven't used the Texture Paste a great deal, I still wanted to give it a mention in this post... When I received the products, I didn't think I would like this, or really be able to use it, but I have found a way! Initially I thought this was only for people with shorter hair or maybe for use on a fringe (admittedly it is better suited to people with shorter styles), but for us long hair ladies, it is great to use for  the tips of the hair when trying to achieve a bit of a messy, bed head kind of look. It adds lots of texture to the hair without leaving it looking dry or rough and when used on curls it helps to hold the style.

I really rate all of these products and for different hair types and styles I would recommend them all, but personally my must-have's from the range are the Blow Dry Lotion, Dry Shampoo, Root Lift Gel and Multi Use Oil.
If you'e looking for a restyle, colour or just want to treat yourself, I can't recommend Rush enough... you can find your nearest salon here.

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