The recent Paris Fashion Week event at Paris’ Grand Palais was, as always, a well attended, exciting and glamorous event. The who’s who of the fashion world got together as models showed off the latest lines from some of the world’s top designers. While the show was a vibrant and successful one, one designer decided to add a little something extra to this particular show by introducing the excitement of casino glamour in a unique show in the middle of the catwalk.

Designer Karl Lagerfeld has become known for his exciting stage shows during events such as these and the latest one brought back the glamour and glitz of casino fashion. Lagerfeld deployed a number of famous faces to act out the casino scene as part of the fashion show including Vanessa Paradis, Kristen Stewart, Rita Ora and Julianne Moore.

The casual casino fashions of today 

Of course, Lagerfeld does have a point when it comes to casino fashion, as the dress codes that casinos have in place these days have changed dramatically over the decades. In years gone by, many casinos had strict dress codes in place that required both men and women to dress up in smart or glamorous attire, which seemed to add to the excitement of the evening. However, these days, dress codes are far more relaxed and those heading to a casino can simply opt for something far more casual.

Not having a strict dress code in place may have helped casinos to gain more custom, as not everyone wants to have to dress up for an evening out. The growing popularity of online casino gaming has also impacted on the need for gaming fans to dress up and head to the casino for an evening of entertainment. These days you can simply go online and enjoy a range of virtual slot and table games from the comfort of your own home. You can play at sites such as Betway casino where you can look forward to a variety of games and even take on the dealer at Betway’s blackjack table without the need to get dressed up or go out.

Part of the reason behind the casino setting created by Lagerfeld was because Lagerfeld said that he missed the days when people used to dress up to the nines for a night at the casino, so he recreated the days of a bygone era through having the actresses wear beautiful, glamorous outfits. Actress Kristen Stewart appeared at the makeshift casino in a stunning velvet black trouser suit while singing sensation Rita Ora wowed the crowds in an eye-catching silver outfit. As a result of the show, Largerfeld was able to bring back the glitz and glamour of casino entertainment as it used to be.
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