Coord Set: She Likes / Blazer: Dorothy Perkins / Shoes: New Look / Socks: My Tights

So the sun actually shone and it was fairly mild yesterday, which for November is pretty good news for us fashion bloggers when it comes to shooting pictures. This isn't really what I wore yesterday (I was actually rocking a polo neck, jeans and boots), but an outfit I recreated from about four weeks ago which I didn't have time to photograph but really wanted to share.
If any of you are lucky enough to be jetting off somewhere warm anytime soon, this co-ord set is a must have and maybe you won't look as lily white in yours as I do in mine!

We all know how much I love a good two-piece and blue is my favourite colour so I was instantly drawn to this set. When it came to styling it up, adding another shade of blue seemed the best thing to do with the contrast of my little white New Look shoes (which were a bargain in their latest sale) and my cute new silver socks.
I'm so sad I can't embrace this outfit a little more, but it is making me feel a bit chilly looking at it!
I might have to spend some time thinking how to layer this up so I can get some more wear out of it, or take myself away for a holiday... (I wish!) If worst comes to worst I'll just wish away a few months of my life for when the sun returns and I can whip it back out of my wardrobe!

I'm now heading off to binge watch some episodes of Friends, cuddle my cat and put my feet up. Although I always find myself moaning about the dark nights on Twitter (such a #bloggerproblem), I do love snuggling up and relaxing on a night... do you have anything planned for this evening?
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