So that time of year is here when we're constantly thinking about what we can buy each other for Christmas, which also means we're constantly thinking about money and trying not to run out... there's nothing worse than that long six week wait between December and January pay days.
Time off work isn't much fun when you're skint, but I've thought of ten fun things to do when you're trying not to spend any money.

1. Have a car boot sale - Not only is this a great way of making some extra cash, but it's fun and it's a great way to clear out some of the unwanted bits that have accumulated in the loft/spare bedroom or garage. Whenever I have a car boot sale I'm always pleasantly surprised with how much the pounds add up, and I always feel a sense of achievement from clearing some space in the house and making some extra cash. It's always a good excuse to spend half an hour having a cheeky look round for a bargain for myself too!

2. Go to the beach - Weather permitting, this can be a really fun way to spend an afternoon. In the warmer months you can take a picnic or share fish and chips before building sandcastles with the children or paddling and enjoying the views. I'm also a fan of the beach in the Winter, wrapped up with my hat and scarf, walking the dog, getting some crisp fresh air.

3. Have a Netflix night - One of my favourite ways to spend time after a busy day, pjs on, hair in a top knot and catching up with some of my favourite tv shows... I much prefer that to a night out!

4. Visit family - It's really sad that the older you get, the less you see your family, I am lucky enough to still have my Gran living close by and make sure to see her as often as I can, wether it's popping in for ten minutes or spending the day. It's something that can't be taken for granted and means so much to us both.

5. Write a blog - One of the most common for myself, on a day off work when I don't want to be spending or towards the end of the month when money is tight, I happily spend my time writing and scheduling some blog posts. I always feel like it's been productive use of my time and even though I've been blogging for over six years, I still enjoy it as much as I did when I started.

6. Rearrange your bedroom/living room - You can look at this two ways... changing the furniture around or refreshing the cushions you're using or pictures that are displayed can feel really good and refreshing, I always think little tweaks can make all the difference. The other way to look at this is that by having a try round and moving sofas or beds, there's always a good chance you're going to find some loose change, I actually found a five pound note under my washing basket a few weeks ago and it felt like I'd won the lottery!

7. Organise your makeup collection - Maybe this one will only be a fun pastime for the beauty bloggers but personally I love to rearrange my makeup, it gives you the chance to find old favourites what have worked their way to the back of the drawer and usually means I change up my daily makeup routine until the next time I reorganise the chaos!

8. Play board games - The best way to do this is on a Winter evening, fire on, hot chocolate on tap and my all time favourite Monopoly in the middle of the table. In my family it's a bit of Christmas tradition to pull out the board games and enjoy a night of good old fashioned fun!

9. Bake - Another productive way to spend your time, and it saves on buying cakes and biscuits. I love to bake, I always enjoy it and enjoy eating the finished product at the end! You could always sell your bakes at local craft fayres or table top sales for extra money too.

10. Go to the gym - If you have a gym membership then taking full advantage when you haven't got any money to do anything else is a real way to motivate yourself into a good work out. Not my favourite pass time I have to admit, but when I'm being good with money and trying to save, knowing that I've already paid my membership fees makes me want to make the most of it.
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