Slap me on the wrist now girls, I've really failed at posting my outfits on here this year... This is partly due to moving house and not having a great place to actually take my photos yet and partly down to being so busy with work.
Lots will be changing in the new year though, and I'm hoping to recruit a photographer to help with my outfit shots, so I can promise you right now that there will be more outfit posts in 2016.

I started the year with good intentions with one of my favourite outfits of the year on New Year's Day, followed by a snuggly collaboration with Ugg. By the end of March the weather was warming and I styled a really casual tee with my favourite longline blazer that made an appearance again in November in one of my favourite outfit posts of the year (the other favourite can be found here)! 

If you would like to look back at my outfit posts in more detail, follow this link.
Let me know which outfit is your favourite!

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