As I talked about in my recent 'skincare favourites' blog post, I've fallen head over heels for the Wild Rose Beauty Balm from Neal's Yard.
I've mentioned countless times how I'm always on the hunt for something to add to my skincare routine to give that extra bit of nourishment and something which I feel really looks after my dry and sensitive skin, and during this time of the year when the weather is doing it's worst, that extra TLC is a necessity.

When I visited the Neal's Yard store in Newcastle for a bloggers event earlier in the year, I was instantly drawn to the rose range of skincare, and after speaking with one of the girls in store, I knew that I had to give something from the collection a try. I already knew how gentle rose products generally are and that for someone with a skin type like mine, most rose products are highly recommended, but the chat I had in store really cemented this for me, the staff are all so knowledgeable, honest and actually interested in helping... trust me if you need skincare advice Neal's Yard are the people to go to!

Neal's Yard believe that whatever you put onto your skin ends up in your body, so all of their products are made up with the maximum amount of natural, organic and plant based ingredients. The blue pots are even made from recycled materials and all packaging is 100% recyclable itself.

Despite all of the hype on blogs, in magazines and pretty much everywhere else, I had never used a cleansing balm before so I decided to give this a try, and it's truly made me rethink my skincare and how I have actually managed all these Winters without a cleansing balm!

For an evening cleanse, I warm some of the balm between my fingers and massage into the skin in circular motions, this removes every scrap of makeup without any force (I usually remove the majority of makeup with a micellar water first, but it's not necessary), it feels like a treat and it smells incredible. I'd love to have someone do this for me, because it's unbelievably relaxing and the perfect wind-down before bedtime.

The balm has a thick, oily consistency which means it can be left on the skin overnight to soak in and act like a face mask or it can be simply polished away with the muslin cloth provided in the box after cleansing. I'm a fan of both ways to use, I usually go with the overnight mask once a week or just whenever my skin is feeling especially dry and tight... this really works to nourish and relieve the skin and the washing off method is fine for the in-between days.

After every use my skin feels fresher, moisturised and softer than before.
A little goes a very long way, but I will definitely be repurchasing when I do come to the end of this pot.
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