I remember as a child and a teenager, my Christmas day outfit was always a really big deal, I'd get dressed up in glitter or sequins to visit family and it would always be something brand new bought especially for the big day. These days, it has become a little more casual and a little more practical... When choosing a Christmas day outfit I do consider that there might be snow, and I do have to take into account the fact that I'll be mostly crawling around the floor picking up wrapping paper and bows or playing board games, however I still want to have that dressed up/something new feeling about the day.

When George at Asda asked me back in October if I had thought about that essential Christmas Day outfit, of course I said no, not yet... but they did get me thinking, and challenged me to style up an outfit from their website. Now that Christmas is well and truly on it's way and we're probably all well into the planning stages (I wish I was one of those super organised people who had everything complete by now!) I thought I'd share my outfit with you. 

I think comfort and warmth are top of my list when it comes to choosing a Christmas outfit, however I still like to stay true to my personal style and taste, the eyelet smock dress seemed like an easy choice to me, it's black with slight gold detailing around the eyelets and on the tassels which will tie in with any Christmas theme (I'd go for gold nails to pull it all together) and it's nice and floaty so any bloating after the huge Christmas dinner I plan to devour will be the least of my worries!
For an added but of luxe and warmth I chose the faux fur gilet to wear over the top of the dress for when we step outside and head off to visit family, I love the faded ombre design, it goes perfectly with the dress and is actually a lot warmer than I even expected. 
With a chunky pair of tights and the lovely black suede style chelsea boots to finish off the outfit I'm warm, comfy and safe from any slips and slides on any ice with a good sturdy shoe that I know I'll be able to team with jeans and dresses all throughout the season.

If you want to check out some more Christmassy outfits, George have been sharing bloggers looks on their Twitter with the hashtag #georgechristmas, definitely the best place to stop by if you're after some inspiration! 

I feel all festive now, and I'm picking up my Christmas tree after work tonight... I can't wait!
Are you all set for the big day?
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