I loved writing about my year's highlights at the end of 2014 so decided to share some of this year's memories with you all again. 2015 has been an eventful year, mostly filled with highs as opposed to lows... even though they have been a few, the good times definitely outshone the bad.
In January I was invited to the Real Techniques Bold Metals launch party, and after promising myself that I would make it to more events in 2015, I was quick to say yes and accept the invite.
The event was great, it was lovely to catch up with blogger friends who I don't see very often and spend a bit of time in London. Unfortunately I didn't make it to many more events after this one, but more about that in another post...

In March I finally got the keys for our new house. Nothing has been more anticipated for us than moving into our own place, it's been a long time coming but I just love it!
We have already done lots as far as decorating and making it a bit more 'us' but there is still lots to do. I'm hoping to blog more about home life, interiors and decorating in 2016, I'll definitely be posting a few homeware hauls and a house tour once everything is complete too.
In April I went to see Olly Murs live again, had amazing seats and had an amazing night. Olly is always brilliant live, I can't wait to see him again in 2016! You can read more about the gig here.
May saw another FABB event, this time in my local town, Middlesbrough. It was the first big collaborative event that we have organised which was with House of Fraser... I'd love to do more of these in 2016, and there are some more of the usual style FABB events already planned for the new year, make sure you're following FABB on Twitter if you'd like to get involved.
In June we welcomed a new addition to the family, our little kitten; Binky and now I couldn't imagine our home without her. She's a little devil, she's wild, she digs up all our new carpets and jumps out on us when we're never expecting it, but we love her so much.

Also in June, I was given an unexpected and completely out of the blue promotion at work, which has been a huge achievement and something which I am very proud of. Without giving too much away, I am a fashion retail manager and was promoted to a role with double the amount of staff and double turnover... I love hard work, so it's been great!
As an annual tradition, myself and Ray headed to London for a couple of days for IMATS in July, we shopped, ate and shopped some more and had the best time. IMATS is always so much fun and such a great way to catch up with other bloggers, learn more about brands and discover products you've never used before... we're already planning next year's trip.

In September my daughter Elodie moved up into Year 1 at school, she still loves school more than anything and she is excelling with her reading, writing, maths and all round confidence. It's so exciting seeing her learn and change as she gets older, she makes me such a proud Mammy!
Later in September Elodie celebrated her 6th Birthday, which is pretty unbelievable to me, I can't believe my baby is six! Her birthdays are always a highlight of my year, as she makes me prouder all of the time. This year we didn't have a party, we just spent the day as a family, she opened presents and we took her for her favourite food.

Lastly, in November it was my 30th Birthday... something which I had been dreading slightly, as the thought of turning 30 really frightened me! I shouldn't have been worried though, I had a lovely birthday with my family, ate an amazing steak and received some great presents... getting old isn't so bad after all!

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