In 2015 I made the conscious decision to stop writing and filming 'monthly favourites', I personally feel that the authenticity and honesty from these videos and blog posts has long gone, only to be replaced with continuous PR samples and I didn't really want to be a part of that. 
When producing monthly favourites, I would often include PR samples myself, not because I needed to feature the product in some way, but because I hadn't bought anything new that month or didn't really have anything new to talk about (in some cases, not all) and found myself talking about products just because I needed something else in the feature. 
I never lied, never told you something was good if it wasn't, but sometimes it did feel a little forced. Feeling this way made me see through other people's content and realise that they were forcing it just like I was... most will continue to do this, but it's not for me.

Instead I decided to wait until the end of the year... give myself 12 months to discover some new things and tell you all about my favourites from the year in one big blog post. No pressure, this is honest and these are my favourite, most used and new loves of the past year and I'm pretty excited to chat about them all!
The one product I had to mention first is bareMinerals Complexion Rescue, which is without a doubt my favourite product of 2015. Ever since I attended the bareMinerals launch event at Fenwicks and received a sample of this, I've loved it and I use it practically every day. I have blogged about this on numerous occasions and raved about it in this post (where you can also see me wearing it), so I probably don't need to go into any great detail about how amazing this is, but trust me, it is... To sum it up, it's a cooling, medium coverage gel cream which hydrates the skin while you wear it, it's a dry or sensitive skinned girls dream product. I believe this is the reason that the condition of my skin has improved over the past year, it seems to do wonders for me and I just can't recommend it enough. I'm onto my second bottle, and will repurchase as soon as I need to again, it's a product I really can't live without.
One thing that never leaves my handbag is my cute pair of Tweezerman Mini Slant Tweezers, and although it may seem odd to feature such a simple accessory in a favourites post, they really do deserve the credit. Since using these, I would never reach for another tweezer brand again, they're so easy to hold and use, so precise and grab onto even the tiniest of hairs, I can guarantee they will continue to live in my handbag for many more months to come. 

Another accessory or accessories that I have loved are the Real Techniques Bold Metals brushes, which I have acquired a small collection of over the past 12 months. Before attending the Bold Metals launch party last year I was already a huge fan of the RT brand, and then Sam & Nic released this collection of premium quality brushes that have completely blown me away.
The bristles are so soft and using these brushes is a dream, the weighted handles make it feel like you have more control over your makeup when applying it to the skin and they're so comfortable to hold, the tapered bristles mean you can really master the difference between light and heavy application with ease and on a completely materialistic note, they look beautiful on the dressing table! My favourites are the contour brush, oval shadow and arched powder brushes.
A long time favourite of mine, which I always talk about is the Billion Dollar Brows Brow Powder in 'Raven', which has probably been up there as my number 1 brow product for three years or more now, and from a brow addict like myself, thats quite a claim! The pigmentation which comes from this little pot is second to none, I use the tiniest amount on an angled brush and sweep through my brows, resulting in natural looking, yet perfectly defined brows. I also must mention that this lasts forever, I have only repurchased as I dropped and smashed my first pot, but I honestly believe this will still be going strong this time next year... what more could you ask for?!

Thought 2015 I experimented a little more with my skincare routine and tried out lots of new products, my favourite being the Bodhi & Birch Rosa Rosa Moisturiser, which was recommended to me by their founder Elijah Choo. As a sufferer of dry skin, I have previously always reached for heavy moisturisers, but since using this as my daytime option, I realise that heavier isn't always the best. I use this underneath my makeup, it's so light, none greasy and just sinks into the skin so fast. Rose as an ingredients is really gentle, smells amazing and it leaves my skin feeling nourished and refreshed throughout the day. In the Winter I have been using a heavier night cream or moisturiser alongside this, but for daytime, this ticks all of the boxes.
When I first started to use the Tarte Amazonian Coloured Clay Concealer, I fell in love and blogged about it straight away using the term 'holy grail', which I don't throw about unless I really mean it! It's high coverage and works great both under the eyes or for any redness and blemishes. My favourite thing about this concealer (alongside the dinky packaging) is that it comes with an HD finishing powder to set the concealer, and it really does set it. This doesn't budge or crease all day long and leaves the skin looking flawless.

L'Occitane have been one of my favourite brands over the past 12 months, I've ended up trying lots of new things from the brand and really rate everything I have used. One thing which I am using constantly is their Tinted Lip Balm in Rose Nude... initially I was a little disappointed that the colour payoff from this is minimal, but I soon got over that when I realised how wonderful this was on my lips. It's a really oily balm, which claims to give 8 hours of hydration (I'm not arguing with that!), it also contains SPF25 to protect the lips and peony extract which gives a subtle but beautiful scent to the balm. This is a permanent resident of my handbag, and I'm 100% going to repurchase when it runs out, although it's a hefty price for a lip balm, I'd say it's completely worth it.
A product which actually surprised me with how good it is, is the Seventeen Wow Highlighter... I picked this up on a bit of a whim, when I wanted to take advantage of Boots 3 for 2 and I'm so glad I did! It's a multi-use product which can be mixed with matte foundation to add a bit of a glow to the finish on the skin, it can be used as a primer to give a 'glow from within' kind of look and my personal favourite way to use it is as a highlight on top of my other makeup. It's the most beautiful pearlescent shade, which works really well on my pale skin, and gives a natural flash of light across my cheekbones but can also be really built up for a night out style highlight to die for! It's super cheap too, and a tiny bit goes on forever.

As a lover of cream products (eyeshadows, blushes... anything I'll take it!) the Me Me Me Dew Pots are something I always reach for when I want a simple, quick eye, they're the perfect in between of tacky and velvety... they apply so smoothly and blend out to the desired effect so easily with just my fingers, but then they stay put. There's no creasing, no fading or transferring... they're kind of perfect. I have a few shades of these, Willow Whisper (pictured) is my favourite, it's a great every day shade to wear alone for a bronze/metallic eye and it works great as a base for all of my Naked Palette shades... there's a maroon shade I really must get my hands on soon!
Another lip balm, I know... but this deserves a mention too. The Nuxe Reve de Miel is something which has been hyped up for plenty of years now, but I only tried it for the first time in 2015. You've probably already read lots about this one, or tried it yourself, but I want to confirm that this really is beautiful. Firstly, it smells like chocolate orange (reason enough to buy it!), it leaves lips feeling like velvet after application and it's so nourishing and repairing on dry or chapped lips... you literally get overnight transformation with this. I use this alongside my L'Occitane one, usually reaching for this at nighttime as more of a treatment, as it's quite thick... it really does feel like a bit of luxury.

One of my Christmas gifts I received last year was the beautiful Illamasqua Multi Facet Palette in Aura. This contains Gleam highlight in 'Aurora', Cream Pigment in 'Hollow', Eyebrow Cake in 'Thunder', Powder Blusher in 'Tremble' and four powder eyeshadows. It's such a handy palette for travelling as there's everything you need for eyes and cheeks there in one place with a huge mirror too... my favourite's from the set are the highlight, cream pigment and the black eyeshadow (which works so well as an eyeliner too!) but it's all just beautiful... everything is highly pigmented and long lasting on the skin... I'm so glad they released this again this year, hopefully it will be an ongoing thing so I can repurchase when I'm running low, they're half price in the sale at the moment too!
As a bit of an eyeshadow novice, I have to say that I do love the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette... all the colours I need are there for me to mix as I please and I really feel like when I use this, I can't go far wrong! My favourite shades are definitely the matte shades, namely Limit and Nooner, both of which make a really beautiful daytime eye, but there are also beautiful shimmers... it's such a great mixture. As with all Urban Decay shadows I've used in the past, every shade in this palette is highly pigmented, long lasting and as stunning when applied as it is in the palette. The fact I've loved this so much and it's given me more eyeshadow confidence makes me really want to add the Naked 2 and Smokey palettes to my collection also!
Another Urban Decay product I've loved this year is the Afterglow Blush in 'Rapture', which I have talked about constantly on here, my Twitter and Instagram since I got my hands on it... the colour is really unique, it's a plum toned blush which doesn't contain shimmer, yet somehow has a real glow to it in the pan and when applied to the skin... I don't know how you've done this UD, but it's pretty special! It's also the smoothest and most flawless powder blush formula I've ever used... to have every shade from this range would be a dream!

When it comes to nail polishes I've managed to whittle down just three as my favourites, and for someone with a stash as huge as mine, this was quite difficult! One which I received last Christmas is the Victoria Beckham Nails Inc 'Bamboo' polish, a stunning and unique off white shade, described as a 'delicate bone' shade, I would sum this up as the nude that everyone needs!
Another Nails Inc polish I love and wear quite regularly is 'Winter Lilac' from the Alexa Chung collection, a grey toned lilac which is the colour I have been searching for my whole life... thanks Alexa! As with every Nails Inc polish, the quality of both of these is second to none, they apply perfectly and last for days without chipping (most of the time, not gonna lie). 
Lastly, a polish I wanted to try for ages and finally picked up in the Summer; Essie 'Fiji'... Laura from Buy Now Blog Later got me wanting this and now I've joined the fan club. It's a really girly, creamy light pink, which looks stunning in the Summer with a little bit of a tan and goes with everything... I know Essie polishes aren't the best quality, despite being a little bit pricier than your average, but with a top coat I'm not complaining. 
I love mascara, and I'm constantly searching for the best one... I feel like if your lashes look good, then the rest kind of falls into place, so alongside an expensive base, I'm happy to splash out on my mascara a little too. The best I've used this year is easily the YSL Luxurious Mascara, which I actually went for in brown. This leaves my lashes looking natural but better, there's no clumping or obvious thick spider lashes but they appear thicker, longer and fuller... it's a real all rounder that's definitely worth the price, it can also be built up for a more dramatic eye. I really like wearing brown rather than black too, it's nicer for daytime and a lot less harsh... it works really well with my brown eyes, I will most likely get the brown version when I buy this again.

I make no secret of the fact that I suck at eyeliner... if I want a cat flick, I have to get out of bed an hour earlier than I usually would, I'm that bad at it! Because of this, I rarely bother with eyeliner, but I do have a soft spot for the Bare Minerals 'Lasting Line' Eyeliner in Eternal Bronze... This is so easy to apply, it's really soft and buttery so it glides on with ease, there's no need for any pressure on the lid and the colour payoff is still perfect. This can be drawn on to create a sharp line or blended out for a smokey eye, I much prefer this to a liquid liner or a kohl pencil... it's much more practical for carrying around with me too.

Last but not least, I completely fell in love with my Vita Coco Coconut Oil this year. I have so many uses for it but I use it mostly as a shaving oil (I'm talking seriously smooth pins when I use this!), as a hair mask to give instant moisture to my dry ends and to remove my makeup... my dry skin just drinks it up! It really is a wonder product, I've told so many people about it and managed to convert most of them. Who would have thought one of my favourite beauty products would live in my kitchen cupboard?! 
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