Sorry this post is a little a lot later than planned, I began 2016 with all the intentions of posting regularly and coming up with a schedule and looks whats happened... we're 11 days in and I'm only just showing you some of my Christmas presents! I'm probably not allowed to say that C-word this late into January, but I love reading these posts so much that I thought I'd rush it up and get it done.

My biggest present was my new baby; the Kate Spade bag of dreams, the Hayden Cedar Street small tote in clock tower and champagne. I have always said that I would never invest in a designer handbag, but for someone to invest in one for me is totally okay! I hadn't asked for a bag and really didn't expect to get one... if anything I would have guessed a purse, but as this was such a surprise to me, it felt like even more of a treat. It's the perfect size, it's big enough to hold all of my everyday essentials and a little more, but not so big that I end up carrying around lots of things I really don't need. The colour is so beautiful and classy, it sits well with any outfit I wear and although it's simple and pretty neutral, it looks special too. I think if I had had to choose a bag, I'd still be deciding now, but this really is perfect.

Another huge surprise was the Nars Steven Klein Humoresque Lipstick Set. As far as I knew, this was sold out everywhere before Christmas, and to even wish that I would receive this would have been a wish too far... but there it was sitting under my tree on Christmas morning! The lipsticks come  in a velvet lined mirrored box which screams luxury and the lipsticks themselves are the most beautiful shades... theres two nudes, a bright pink, an orange and a stunning berry. Although they're almost too pretty to ruin and actually wear, as soon as I have taken plenty of photographs for a separate blog post (#bloggerproblems) I really can't wait to try them out!

I had been wanting to try Nars Sheer Glow foundation for such a long time now after reading so many bloggers talk about how good it really is. I think my boyfriend must have finally taken the hint, as he picked me up a bottle as an extra gift to go alongside the lipsticks. Unfortunately I think he has gone for a shade which will be too dark for me... I'm going to pop it back into my closest counter as soon as I can to see if they will colour match me and potentially change it over, fingers crossed!

2015 was the year I fell in love with everything bareMinerals, so when I opened their Purifying Facial Cleanser, I couldn't have been happier. This is the first skincare product of theirs I have tried, and although I'm only a week in with it now, so far so good. I will write a full review in a few weeks once I've really given it time... How pretty is the box though?!

Every year my Gran tops up my Soap & Glory collection, this year she chose the Three Times Butter set containing three travel sized body butters; The Righteous Butter, Sugar Crush and my favourite Smoothie Star. I have tried all three before, and as I'm sure you know, they all smell delicious... I'll never have enough Soap & Glory in my bathroom! 

One thing I hinted at quite a lot and was kindly bought was the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge... I only ever use brushes for applying my makeup but I have been so intrigued by these sponges for so long, I'm actually quite excited to see how they work for me. 

My family all know I love a good shop, so I was kindly given gift cards for Lush & Next too. I've already spent the Lush one (haul coming soon!) and have my eye on a couple of home wear pieces from Next. 

I also received a Guiness Book of Records, all the Lindor chocolate balls in the world, cosy socks, nail varnish, more chocolate and probably a bit more chocolate! 
Send me links to your Christmas posts, I'd love to read them... and now I promise not to mention Christmas again until at least October!
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