Well there you go, I didn't quite expect the first photo of me on my blog in 2016 to be me in my bra, but damn, it's a good bra! I love me some good underwear... and Wonderbra always deliver. There's definitely something rewarding about wearing high quality underwear which just makes you feel so much better about yourself, especially when it matches.

I am wearing the Glam clear pink push up bra and bottoms, both of which are really sophisticated and elegant with the satin fabric and intricate lace detailing on the bottoms, the bra itself and on the straps - my favourite little extra of all, I feel some kind of glamour when I wear this set, like it's something really special.
The straps are almost too pretty to hide and justifies a loose fitting jumper which will every now and then slip off the shoulder or a spaghetti strapped top to wear with this... I used to be really paranoid about hiding what was underneath my clothes, if a strap showed, it was a no-go, but these days my underwear is usually more fancy than what's actually on top!

Of course with Wonderbra there is added uplift, this has push up enforcements which give amazing cleavage, support and hold and to top it all off, it's insanely comfortable! Gone are the days when you feel as though the prettiest of bras are the least practical, this has it all and I would happily wear this everyday... I'm definitely going to overhaul my underwear drawer now!
Screen Shot 2014 09 21 at 11 01 03