Now that Spring has well and truly arrived, it's definitely time to change up the daily makeup routine to something a little fresher and brighter.

For me, Spring makeup means adding a little more colour, upping the bronze a bit and achieving that fresh/youthful glow and making it look as natural as possible.
With three simple steps, I change my makeup from my go-to contoured Winter look with darker eyes, lips and cheeks to a much girlier and prettier style.

Step 1 is achieving a glowy base... I always like to wear quite dewy foundation, but in the warmer months I choose to really amplify this by ditching the powders and specifically choosing a foundation which I know suits my skin type and gives that fresh finish which I desire. This can also be achieved by using a lighter base product like a tinted moisturiser or BB cream (I would recommend Liz Earle Sheer Skin Tint or the Dior Diorskin Nude BB Cream) but obviously they are the better option for good skin days, for day to day wear my base of choice for this is Nars Sheer Glow, which I wear in shade 'Mont Blanc'.

Step 2 is to bronze up the skin a little and add some colour to my usually paler than pale complexion. To keep in line with the 'fresh faced look' I always reach for a cream bronzer, at the moment I'm using Seventeen Instant Glow. I apply this with my Real Techniques Stippling brush and buff into the skin to achieve a natural yet bronzed and therefore more Summery complexion, it can be built up to give more colour and definition, but for an average day a light application of this is perfect. I always feel happier and healthier when I'm a little bronzed too, I only really embrace the pale in the depths of Winter!

Step 3 is my favourite step as it can be changed up with different colours and products, and thats creating flushed cheeks and lips. For me, I usually reach for my bareMinerals Pop Of Passion pots (in the photo I am using 'Natural Passion') as they are creamy as well as hydrating and glowy all at the same time and best of all they're a multi use product, although they're made for the cheeks, I use them for my lips all the time too. Adding a bit of colour really lifts the whole look and makes everything a whole lot prettier and you can choose the colours you use to suit your style, mood or outfit.

Do you make any changes to your makeup to go with the seasons?

To stay looking as fresh as possible, try and get the best night's sleep possible... Benson's For Beds have recently carried out a Sleep Trial with myself and another blogger, which you can read about here.
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