Banoffee Pie... delicious right?! Good enough to eat for sure, but how about to bathe in?

Well I've given it a go this week with the banoffee pie bath bomb from Bubble 'N Go and their Just Desserts collection. It's a really pretty, pale yellow shade with flecks of pink throughout and compared to other bath bombs I have used in the past, this is huge!

Before it's even gone into the water, this smells incredible... It's fresh and fruity, the banana is very apparent, and realistic yet it has a sweet almost vanilla like scent to it too, which kind of reminds me of those foam banana sweets which I was obsessed with as a child! It's one of those scents which isn't too in your face and also isn't overly relaxing, which makes it really versatile for using in a morning or evening bath.

As soon as it hits the water it begins to fizz and lets out a white foam as the little pink flecks float on top of the water... after a minute the bomb has completely dissolved, the water is a pale shade of yellow and the room is filled with a beautiful aroma.
The bomb weighs a huge 180g and contains Shea Butter which really works to moisturise the skin whilst you bathe.

If banana isn't your first choice, these bath bombs are also available in Tutti Fruiti, Strawberry Pavolva and Angel Delight scents too, all of which are only £2.99 each.
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