Discovering new brands is one of the bonuses when it comes to blogging, and sharing the best ones with you all is one of my favourite kind of posts to write. I've tried a couple of things from The Scottish Fine Soaps Company in the past, but since I've tried their bath products, I've really fallen in love.

The Scottish Fine Soaps Company is a family business, founded around 40 years ago which creates bath and beauty products using natural ingredients and unique fragrances. Everything is made in Scotland, tested by their in-house chemist (with nothing being tested on animals) and packaged in beautiful ways, all inspired by Scottish design.

My favourite product I have tried is the Au Lait Milk Bath Powder, a very fine, white powder which smells so, so beautiful... it's made with real milk and enriched with chamomile. I sprinkle a small amount of the powder into my bath as it's running and it dissolves and melts into the water, creating fluffy white bubbles and filling the room with a gentle, relaxing scent. This is really hydrating and moisturising for the skin, working while you lie back and relax... definitely the best way to moisturise in my opinion! I also love the milk churn packaging, and will definitely be finding a new use for this when I run out of the powder.

I always enjoy trying new hair products and changing up my routine, my hair really seems to benefit from this. Using the Au Lait Shampoo left my hair extremely glossy and shiny and looking so much healthier than it had been. I'm always a fan of clear shampoos and conditioners, I feel as though they're cleaner and never really leave any residue in my hair as they seem to rinse really easily. This shampoo contains nourishing milk extract and has a subtle, delicate scent.

As I love the Milk Bath Powder so much, I'm quite reluctant to sharing it, so my boyfriend has been using the Classic Male Grooming Soothing Muscle Soak, which is the ideal product for him with the salts acting as a soak helping with tired and aching muscles, while soothing as they work. These salts dissolve really quickly in the water and have a more masculine, yet still gentle scent to them which lingers in the bathroom for some time afterwards. Robbie seems to really love these, as he's been using them with every bath he takes... I'm hoping he hurries up and uses them all so I can pinch the jar for myself - again, amazing packaging!

Have you used any of the products from The Scottish Fine Soaps Company? What would you recommend?
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