I'm super sorry if you're sick of reading blog posts about the Lancome Juicy Shakers, I know the blogging world has been a little flooded with these, but I really wanted to share my thoughts... maybe someone out there values my opinion?!

I love the whole campaign around these products, Lancome are marketing these as fun and happy, using the hashtag #BanTheBoring, after all there's something a little different about applying these to your lips and I guess it is a little more fun... shake, shake, shake then dab, dab, dab!
Firstly, how cute is the packaging?! The bottles are like little cocktail shakers and the colours are bright and really eye-catching. When left to settle the liquid in the bullet separates into the coloured pigment and the lip oils... shake it up and you create a nourishing, lightly pigmented oil gloss to apply to the lips.

Application is quick and easy, twist the lid and apply direct using the sponge applicator. It's comfortable and controllable, plus you can get away with applying this blind, no need for a mirror, just dab and go! The sponge also controls how much product you pick up, so nothing will go to waste.
The oils contain sweet almond oil, omega 3 and cranberry oil which work together to leave lips feeling hydrated without being sticky or drying - they're such a treat to use and actually feel really good on the lips.

I have been using Apri-Cute a golden peach/pink shade, Great-Fruit a red toned orange and Meli Melon a soft pink all of which are super flattering and great for daytime wear, especially in the Spring months when a light wash of colour is all you need to make your makeup pop.
As you can see from the swatches, the colours are pretty sheer, but you can up the intensity by shaking up the oils more or by applying on top of a lipstick to act as a gloss. They also taste and smell incredible, just try not to lick your lips too much!

The Lancome Juicy Shakers are available in 13 shades for £18 each which may sound quite expensive, but these are the kind of things you'll carry around in your handbag and find yourself reaching for all the time. I'm quite intrigued to try the mint flavour one too - it's blue!
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