Dry skin really gets me down and I feel like I'm forever trying endless body scrubs and exfoliants trying to find the one that works for me. I need something rough to buff away the dry skin, something moisturising to help nourish after buffing, but nothing too abrasive because my skin is so sensitive. To be honest, I was beginning to think that I was searching for something which didn't exist, but I may have finally found the one...

I really need to learn to remember that Lush's skincare range is as amazing, if not (dare I say it) even more amazing than their bath range, but for some reason I seem to forget or for want of a better explanation, I seem to not initially think of Lush when I need new skincare... does that make sense?
Luckily when I was in there topping up my shower gel collection, I wandered across to the other side of the store to have a sniff of some of the little black pots, which is when I almost accidentally came across this little beauty.
Living by the sea has made me a little bit obsessed with anything salty smelling, anything sea related... it just reminds me of home and childhood, so if I'm going to tell the truth, it was the name of this product which drew me in, closely followed by the smell, then the promises it makes on the lid.

Ocean Salt is a face and body scrub which contains fine sea salt to clean and scrub, organic limes to brighten and avocado butter to soften the skin - sounds dreamy, right?! Other ingredients include coconut oil, grapefruit and even vodka?!
Upon more research I have found that sea salt is really good for calming any breakouts and helping to reduce spots, it's also rich in minerals which is great for the skin.

This can be applied to dry skin for a more intense exfoliation, or to damp skin in the bath or shower. Personally I use it wet on my face and the majority of my body, but dry on my arms and legs (especially if I plan on tanning) as I'm guaranteed to feel silky smooth afterwards. The consistency of this is quite hard to describe, the top layer in the pot it thick (beautiful blue) salt crystals, but underneath is more thick and creamy with the salt particles still mixed in throughout, so it's still gritty, but soft.

After use my skin feels soft and really refreshed, and for hours and hours afterwards my skin is hydrated... it's a bit of an all in one product, ideal for a morning shower, you really don't have to follow up with a moisturiser if you're in a rush. The smell is also really awakening and zesty, it lingers on the skin for a good while and it's great for a wake me up.

All in all, I love this stuff and I am so glad I found it.
Available in the regular variety, alcohol free, self preserving and self preserving alcohol free versions there's one to suit everyones personal preferences, price from £7.25
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