Surely I'm not the only one who gets excited and does a little dance every time Real Techniques announce a new brush or brush set?! 

The Cheek & Lip Set is a limited edition, must have trio from Sam & Nic which includes a cheek brush, duo fibre contour brush and a lip brush. All of which are in the newly designed metallic hot pink finish, the ultimate girly girl's dream design.

The Cheek Brush is exclusive to this set, which for me is reason enough to snap it up before it's too late. If you're someone who enjoys a bold, or heavy blush then this will be a dream come true for you... the bristles are really dense which means the brush can pick up a lot of product and give a more dramatic effect upon application. If you're not a big fan of a heavy blush, don't be put off, as the bristles are duo fibre, you can use this lightly to control how the blush looks on the skin.
This can be used for powder, cream or gel blushes, although I favour it for the second two formulas, I find with powder it can pick up too much product for my personal preference unless I'm really careful and delicate.

The Duo Fibre Contour Brush is my favourite of the three brushes, in comparison to The Cheek Brush, the bristles are much sparser and longer meaning a lighter effect can easily be created, which I find gives a really natural contoured look to the face. I've used this with cream and powder contour products, and it works really well for both.

The Lip Brush is really dainty and delicate, allowing extreme precision, which is exactly what's needed for applying lip products. The soft bristles make it really easy to apply lipstick smoothly and to blend the colour in and it can also give real definition on the lips when used at an angle, ideal for lining.

Will you be snapping these up before they're gone?!
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