Rihanna has released her sixth(!) fragrance and surprisingly this is the first of her's that I have tried. I know a lot of people are put off by celebrity perfumes, but some of my all-time favourites are celebrity endorsed (Jade Goody and JLo to name just a couple) and this is definitely one of the better ones I've used... I'm definitely no perfume snob, as long as it smells good, I'll wear it.

This is the self titled RiRi... to be honest I didn't expect a scent created by Rihanna to be so sweet and girly, but it smells beautiful! Initially the top notes of passion fruit and mandarin and heart notes of honeysuckle and orange blossom are most recognisable, very fresh, girly and sweet but once settled the base notes of vanilla and musk start to come through, leaving a much more sensual, grown up scent.
I would say don't judge this on the first spritz, wear it, let it adjust to your skin and then decide, because what initially could be perceived as a typically young persons product, is actually really wearable.

The bottle looks lovely on my dressing table, the pink liquid is super pretty, with the contrastingly bold black and gold lid... I'm not such a fan of the box packaging (but who cares about the box really?!)
Have you given RiRi a try? Or would you recommend any of her other perfumes? 
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