Hello I'm Tor and I'm addicted to highlighters, even more so now that this palette has come into my life.

There are a fair few highlight palettes available, all of which are really beautiful but unfortunately most come with a pretty hefty price tag attached. I have been eyeing up the Hourglass one for a while, but just couldn't bring myself to spending so much on makeup and thank goodness I didn't because Sleek came to my rescue with the Solstice Highlighting Palette, which is just as beautiful as any other palette I have seen, and costs only £9.99, yes less than a tenner and this can be yours!

With four shades of highlight, one cream, three powder formulas, a huge mirror and a little brush all encased in rose gold, it's one of those things which is almost too special to use, but trust me, if you don't use it you'll really be missing out. There are shades for everyone's taste here, and these colours will work for pretty much any skin tone, I know I speak for the majority of us pale skinned ladies when I say if it works for me, anyone will be able to pull it off!

From left to right on the swatch picture, we have:
Ecliptic - This is a luxurious cream formula, it's soft, creamy and easily blended. For a highlight, I have to apply this very sparingly and lightly applied, otherwise it's too dark, but it does blend out easily, so don't let the dark swatch worry you. With heavier application this works for me when I'm bronzed up for a night out, and as a cream eyeshadow as it's really metallic - I am loving it!

Hemisphere - This is a baked powder formula in a pink/lilac tone, which may scare you, but once applied it really is beautiful and something very special. In certain lights and once blended out this has a silver, almost white finish to it, which looks beautiful on the inner corner of the eyes or on the brow bone if you're looking to create a dramatic brow.

Subsolar - The only silky shimmer powder in the palette, but the same as the other three powders it's really finely milled and blendable. I find this the most wearable for daytime, as the yellow/gold shade is adaptable to any look and can be used for eyes or cheeks with my day to day makeup. The shimmer is fairly subtle, it's nothing too in your face and the finish is really pretty.

Equinox - Another baked powder formula, this time in a bronze/peach shade and again very fine, and delicate on the skin. It's really brightening and can look quite natural when buffed lightly onto the cheeks. This is a really wearable colour and possibly my favourite of the four (thats if I had to choose... but please don't make me because I love them all!)

I have to admit, I haven't been using the brush which came with the palette, in fact I think Elodie has claimed it for her 'makeup'... I've been using my fingertips mainly to apply and blend on my cheekbones, brow bones and inner corners of my eyes and a fluffy powder brush to apply to my collar bones and to blend out on my cheekbones for a softer daytime look.

All in all I am really impressed with this offering from Sleek, high quality, long lasting and highly pigmented highlighters for such a great price really does make this a must have palette. 
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