I feel a little bit sad writing up this final post about my time in Liverpool, I'm definitely going to have to go back soon!

After checking out of the Travelodge, we decided to spend a little more time exploring before the drive home, with our first stop being The World Museum.
We got to visit the aquarium, the bug house where they were showcasing some live creepy crawlies and Elodie's favourite part; the dinosaur gallery which had life size casts of dinosaur skeletons.

There's also a really fun exhibition on at the moment which runs until September 4th 2016 called Eye For Colour. It's really interactive and exciting for children with lots of hands on exhibits and displays... It teaches you all about how colours are formed, how animals use colour in the wild and how artists use colour to be creative.
The museum is really family friendly, and it's free entry so if there's a big group of you it's a really great way to spend a few hours without worrying about spending too much.
When it came to finding something to eat, we headed to Liverpool One and spotted the cutest looking 'beach house' style place called The Clubhouse, and after a quick google of the menu, we went straight in. 
The weather really complimented the restaurant with lots of people enjoying the sun in the gardens, but as we were eating we decided to sit inside. The staff were really welcoming and the decor of the place is just wonderful and so eclectic... I couldn't stop looking around!

Myself and Robbie both ordered the chicken hanging kebab with sweet chilli and ginger sauce with chips and Elodie got the cutest little meal with chicken fingers, beans and mashed potato served in a crate. Everything was delicious and we ate the lot! 
For drinks Robbie was happy to find they sold his favourite beer 'Beerlao' and the bar staff really kindly whipped me up a virgin mojito even though they didn't have any mocktails on the menu... It was bloody lovely too!
I loved this place so much I'm going to dedicate an entire blog post to it next week, so check back for that if you want to read more!
While walking back through the shops I spotted the Lush store which has Lush Spa upstairs and just had to pop in for a nosey... I was a little angry at myself for not thinking of this sooner as I would have loved to get myself a treatment!

What I didn't expect was while I was admiring the bath bombs one of the staff members spotted me and asked if I would like to see the spa while I was there! Of course I jumped at the chance and although I couldn't see in any of the treatment rooms due to them being so busy, I got to have a look around the rest of the area, see some of the products they use and get a real feel for the spa itself.
It was so much more relaxing and welcoming than I had imagined, there was a real aura about the place which just felt special... one of the clients was enjoying some tea between treatments while I was there and she just seemed so at ease and care-free, you would never know this was above the hustle and bustle of the busy shop below!

I know I keep saying I'm going to go back to Liverpool, and when I do this will be top of the list for somewhere to visit again, I'll definitely get myself booked in for a treatment. I love the sound of their Comforter Treatment with hot chocolate body scrub and rose serum massage or the Validation Facial; an hour long treatment to refresh and brighten the skin... It all just sounds like heaven!
The last stop before leaving for home was Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar store, a must see for any beauty addict like myself!
It's a beauty lovers haven, with everything you could need from all of the best brands under one roof... my boyfriend and my bank balance are both so grateful that I don't live closer to this place.
The counters are all amazing and much fancier than the ones we have where I live... I loved the Tom Ford, Nars and YSL counters the most, it has a real feeling of luxury from the moment you step inside, there's even a champagne bar so you can sip some fizz while you shop!
The upstairs is amazing too, with more brands and counters where you can have treatments including a Blink brow bar and Nails Inc nail bar... Harvey Nichols definitely need to open some more of these stores around the country, Liverpool is so lucky to have this.

I hope you've enjoyed my series of posts about my time in Liverpool and the fun things we found to do there... You can see my other posts here and here.
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