Earlier in the week I shared my current beauty favourites with you so thought I'd follow it up with a none beauty favourites post.

This is the first time (as far as my old lady mind can remember) that I have written one of these posts, so please do tell me if it's something you would like to see more of in the future.

One thing I just had to mention was the fact that since I've taken the step to blogging full time this year, I've been using a diary and really keeping on top of my blogging schedule, planning posts in advance, knowing what's going live and when... It just feels so good to actually have a plan.
Before this I'd just kind of blog as and when I felt like it, whereas now, I have a structure, a plan and I really think it's paying off... I feel like my content is better, more varied and Im actually enjoying my blog more - I hope you guys are too!

Last week I took Elodie to the cinema to see Zootropolis and I honestly think I enjoyed it more than she did, although she really enjoyed it too. If you haven't seen it, you don't need a child to watch this film, it's brilliant, it's really funny and clever and will keep you entertained for the full hour and a half.

There is so much music around at the moment which I could rave about... I loved the latest series of The Voice which ended last weekend, and was so happy to see Kevin win. I was a huge Liberty X fan and always thought he was the real talent of the band, so it's great to see him succeeding. I just loved his version of Chandelier! I've also been really enjoying Zayn's album, and the new Craig David & Fifth Harmony songs.

One thing which I am a bit addicted to at the moment is the new Cadbury's Medley bar which comes in two varieties, my favourite being the dark chocolate chips, biscuit and fudge version... it's so delicious! I'm very happy that this has come into my life however I don't think that my waistline will be as pleased, especially as they're on offer for £1 a bar pretty much everywhere at the moment, it just means it's more tempting to buy them!

A few weeks ago I treated myself to the beautiful Nix shoe boots from Topshop, they're my new go-to daytime shoe for when I want to look like I've made a bit of an effort but really I'm just throwing something comfy on, they are easily the best way to dress up a pair of jeans! I have to be honest and say these do take a little bit of wearing in, but after two or three wears they soften up and become so easy to wear, and they're a real bargain too.

Lastly, I had to give a mention to my new bag the Nikita Acrossbody bag in black from Fiorelli which I have been using as my daytime bag since they day I received it. It's the perfect size to fit in all of my everyday essentials and I love the boho/festival vibe that the big hassle gives it. It's one of those really simple but stand out pieces which can complete an outfit and can be worn with pretty much anything.
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