What to do on a hungover/sunny Sunday morning in Newcastle..? Find a food market of course!

The Newcastle Quayside Market is held every Sunday stretching from the Tyne Bridge to The Malmaison and is open 9am until 4pm.
Come rain or shine the stalls will be there selling hot food, snacks, drinks, sweet treats, gifts, beauty products, plants and more. 
The first stall we visited was the Geordie Banger Co who were cooking sausages to serve on sticks or in buns and selling packs of their flavoured sausages and black pudding to take and cook yourself at home.
We bought a sausage on a stick each, I went for the simple pork sausage and Robbie had the famous 'Geordie Banger' which is made from pork, mushroom, leek and onion, both of which had been grilled to perfection... I could have quite easily polished off a couple more of these! 
If sausages aren't for you, there are plenty of other savoury treats to tempt you!
If you're still after something meaty you could go to the Fat Hippo who were serving up their famous bangin' burgers and bacon sarnies, The BBQ Cab Co who serve hot BBQ food including the delicious looking pulled pork burritos all from the back of their converted red London cab or The Grind who sell American style steamed cheese burgers as opposed to fried.
For something with a bit of spice you could choose from Tokyo Kitchen with their katsu curry and noodles, On The Goa who had the best smelling stand of them all with the mixture of spices in their Indian street food menu and The Green Guerrilla with their vegetarian and vegan spicy options. 
More veggie choice came from the Hello Healthy Food stall with their halloumi wraps (chicken wraps also available), the cheese stall which had so many variations that made it almost impossible to choose a flavour, a stall selling a variation of flavoured nuts (a bag full of honey cashews for me!) turkish delight and olives and Ke'Rico Catering with their South American & Portuguese street food including stuffed dumplings and custard tarts.
I was over the moon to see my favourites; The Brownie Bar at the market with a selection of their delicious treats! I bought a Millionaire brownie to eat on the train home and Robbie bought one of their famous Corkers; a chocolate chip cookie filled with a gooey brownie centre which got eaten straight away while we enjoyed the views of Gateshead and the River Tyne.
Other sweet options came from the homemade fudge stall, Deli Churros who I plan on visiting next time I'm at the market, Kenspeckle Confectionary who were selling their chocolates and fudges, a few ice cream vans who were taking advantage of the sunny morning and The Doughnut Guy who makes fresh doughnut balls with delicious toppings in little pots - something I have been wanting to try since noticing these pop up on Instagram quite regularly! I choose to top my doughnuts (which were made fresh to order rather than being left sitting ready for someone to buy) with sugar, chocolate sauce and sprinkles and they were without a doubt the best doughnuts I've ever had, I can't recommend these enough!

Some of the traders are at the market every week, while others come and go, so there's always going to be something different to try.
Have you visited the market before, or have I tempted you to give it a go now?!
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